Top 10 Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles

Lets take a look at the most popular men’s hairstyle photos that we posted on Pinterest this year. These are the top 10 most repined photos.

1. Our Easy Men’s Hair Trends Guide


2. 9 Cool Short Haircuts For Men


3. Medium Length Men’s Hairstyle Scissor Cut

hanzdefuko_medium length men's hairstyle

4. Man Braid / Man Bun

man braid long hairstyle for men

5. Men’s Curly Hairstyles – Jamie Dornan

6. Slick Hair With a Low Skin Fade


7. High Fade With Long Hair On Top

virogas.barber_lo fade balded long hair on top

8. High Lo Fade + Medium Pompadour

braidbarbers_high lo fade medium pompadour

9. Longer Messy Hair + Drop Fade

ryancullenhair_and_Drop Fade long hair men

10. Full Beard + Short Haircut