Undercut Fade Haircuts + Hairstyles

By Rich Krafting


First, what is an undercut fade? An undercut usually shaves hair off up to the temples and all the way around. An undercut fade trades in that shaved area for a fade.

The difference between an undercut and fade haircut is the transition. The undercut and undercut fade create a disconnection between short and longer hair. There is a defined line between the different lengths. A fade haircut is all about creating a seamless, blurry transition.

The undercut is especially popular for medium and longer men’s hairstyles. Keeping length on top lightens up long and thick hair and makes grooming easier.

The undercut works with shorter cuts too, especially with something like the comb over that wants a blunt transition. Check out these cool ways to wear the undercut fade.

1. Men’s Undercut Fade

The undercut is a versatile cut that works with lots of different hair types and styles.

Cool undercut fade thick hair

This short sides, long top is one of the more popular undercut hairstyles for men. It can be combed over like above, slicked back, or tied into a ponytail or man bun.

High undercut fade curly hair men
Victor Kanavarro

When you have a lot of hair, like this gentleman, an undercut makes wearing locks long so much easier and more comfortable.

Undercut with dreads
Abbas Ahmadifard

The undercut also works well with long hair in dreads or braids. The hair design adds a lot of dimension to the look.

2. Undercut vs Fade

This short comb over haircut features an undercut on one side and a fade on other.

Undercut vs fade haircut
The Blackwater Barber

Hair is cut short until the side part and then transitions neatly into short hair on the other side.

Short comb over undercut fade
The Blackwater Barber

And there’s the line of the undercut.

3. Undercut Fade Haircut

Add an undercut fade to any men’s haircut and you have an undercut fade haircut. Or make that combination into something special.

Slicked back undercut fade with designs

From the front, this is the popular long hair over an undercut style. From the back, it is a precision cut that pulls long and short hair together.

Undercut hairstyles
Sur Barbers

Or pull hair over to one side and take it behind the air.

Here’s the same V-shape at the back with plenty of messy volume.

4. Long Hair + Undercut Fade

An undercut makes long hair as easy to wash and wear and short hair. It cuts down on drying time and makes pulling hair up a breeze.

High undercut fade
Carlos Rivera

This high undercut fade cuts hair short up past the usual line of the temple.

High undercut fade for Black men dreadlocks
Yusef Wright

The undercut works well with long hair for Black men, including curls, braids, and dreadlocks.

These three undercuts have the same shape but look different fades and hairstyles. Pulling hair up into a bun, back into a ponytail, or into box braids creates three very different profiles.

Undercut fade with box braids men
Jordan at Roots Barber Co.

This fresh look pulls braids back into a messy bun, leaving one lone braid free.

5. Disconnected Undercut Fade

The disconnected undercut emphasizes the difference between longer and shorter hair. This cut works with short and longer hair.

Disconnected haircut undercut

Here, some v-shaped hair designs bring more attention to the fade.

Slicked back undercut fade
Holly Brockman

If you go to the trouble of getting a tattoo on your head, you might as well show it off. This is cool way to wear the slicked back undercut.

Disconnected undercut hairstyle pomp

This cool cut for guys with thick hair takes the undercut fade way up high. There is plenty of fullness left for a modern pompadour with oversized texture.

6. Top Knot + Man Bun Undercut Fade

The man bun trend is still going strong and looks great over an undercut. A top knot is a bun worn way up on top of the head.

High undercut fade haircut long hair
Cole Buerkle

This high undercut fade shaves hair well above the temples into a cut more like a mohawk. Long hair is tied up and back into a tightly coiled bun.

Undercut fade with man bun
Omar Peña

Now that’s a blurry fade. Show off that precision cut by wearing hair up. This is the easiest type of man bun. Pull hair back into a ponytail and don’t pull hair all the way through at the end.

Top knot man bun undercut fade with designs

There’s that top knot right up on the crown of the head. Two things make this look extra cool. Of course the zig-zag design is bold. The ends of hair are wrapped around the bottom of the man bun for a seamless, no visible elastic look.

7. Undercut Fade + Curly Hair

If a curly fade is good, a curly undercut can only be better. It’s a great choice if you want to wear hair long but hate the feeling of hair on the back of your neck.

An undercut does more for curly hair than keep you cool. Short hair around the sides and back lighten up hair to help curls form and create a flattering shape.

Curly undercut fade with beard
Omar Peña

This kinky curly hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail that forms an afro puff. With hair like this, you don’t need a man bun.

Undercut fade curly hair men
Squeak Pro Barber

Another cool way to wear long curly hair and an undercut is in this cool mohawk-inspired look. The length and volume create a mohawk shape without an actual mohawk haircut.

Hidden undercut fade for curly hair
The Men’s Lounge

This curly crop is lightweight and extra curly thanks to a high undercut fade.

High undercut curly hair men
The Curl Papi

Christian Ramos, the Curl Papi, likes to wear long curls on top with an undercut at the sides. This is also a flattering cut for guys with wide cheeks or round faces because it doesn’t add any additional width.

Undercut fade surfer hair men
Coastal Curl

Now that’s a guy who looks and feels great. An undercut makes it easy to wear this surfer hair down. Try a few spritzes of salt spray in damp hair. Then scrunch curls and let it air dry for authentic surf hair without any of the sand.

8. Low + Mid Undercuts

An undercut doesn’t have to go all the way up to the temples. There are also low and mid undercuts. The cut still goes under the hair.

Low undercut for long hair men

The low undercut is cool look for long hair. When hair is worn down, the faded neckline is hidden.

Hidden undercut fade haircut curly hair men

This mid-length fade is also a hidden undercut when hair is worn down. It’s like you get two totally different looks in one haircut.

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