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1950s Hairstyles for Men


 Long before the fictional Don Draper hit the scene, there were plenty of retro style icons.  The 1950s was a transformative time with the emergence or rock and roll, popularity of jazz, and Golden Age of Television (and before smoking was bad for you). Today we still look to 50s stars James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Cary Grant for … [Read more...]

5 Cool Haircuts for the First Stages of Hair Loss


 If you're experiencing some hair loss or a receding hairline, don't panic! First, there are lots of effective treatments for baldness out there from lifestyle changes that that restore hair to products that minimize or stop hair loss in its tracks.While you're working on that, the right haircut and style can effectively camouflage … [Read more...]

3 Best Hairstyles for Thick, Wavy Hair – Men


 Having thick, wavy hair means lots of texture, body, and fullness to work with. On the other hand, it can also be too much sometimes, especially when heat and humidity add unwanted volume to hair. Instead, check out there 3 best hairstyles for thick, wavy hair for men that make the most of natural wave while keeping it under … [Read more...]

Best Hair Products for Men: The Top 5


 Looking for that perfect product to style your hair? Whether you're browsing the drugstore shelves or Amazon, there are more products available for men than ever. So how to choose? These are the top 5 hair products for men according to user reviews.Are these the only products you should use? Absolutely not. These are the most popular, … [Read more...]

Best Products for Curly Hair – Men


 For guys with curly hair, the two most important ways to manage curls is a great haircut and keeping hair healthy by cutting down on the shampoo. Next up, the best products for curly hair - men can make hair more consistent, manageable, and get you exactly the style you want.First off, the best shampoo for curly hair. The scalp oils … [Read more...]

Do men’s styling products wash out?


 This site's pretty cool, it's opened my eyes to the many ways of styling my hair. After the summer will be my senior year and, while I may have always dressed the part, my hair has never really looked that dapper.The biggest question that's been stopping me from putting products on is should I wash it off before going to bed? And … [Read more...]

5 Tall Hairstyles with an Undercut for Men


 Take all the men's hairstyle trends for 2014 to the next level by wearing them up high. It works for all the cool looks including slicked back hair, spikes, and the comb over. Even better, the shaved sides of the undercut emphasize and exaggerate the sense of height. Check out these pictures of tall hairstyles with an undercut for … [Read more...]

The Best Dandruff Shampoo and Natural Remedies


 Winter can be full of flakes and we're not talking about snow. Dandruff can affect scalps at any time of year and it's not due to a lack of hygiene or catching it from someone else.Dandruff is a result of the normal systems that keep your hair and scalp healthy getting out of whack. The scalp is host to the malassezia fungus, which … [Read more...]

Dealing with Grey Hair and the Best Shampoos


 Don't believe everything you read on the internet, except this site of course. There is no way to prevent grey hair. Like everything else, including thinning hair, healthy living is the secret to looking and feeling your best. So, eat lots of healthy protein, even more vegetables, get in as much sleep, relaxation, and exercise as you can, … [Read more...]

How to Style Hipster Hair for Guys


 This isn't Don Draper's slicked back hair. This cool hairstyle is vintage with a modern update of height, tight sides and back, and often a beard. This hairstyle looks great but is a different beast than spiky and messy styles of the past. Here's everything you deed to know about how to style hipster hair.What you'll need:A … [Read more...]

Best Products for Spiky Hair


 Spiky hair is one mens hairstyle that's here to stay. Whether it's inspired by soccer stars, Jersey Shore, or anime, spiky hair is fun, cool, and makes a statement. Here are the best products for spiky hair with tons of hold that also wash out.In the past, hair gel was synonymous with spiked hair. Modern products have come a long way … [Read more...]

3 Men’s Hairstyles for Fine Hair


For the record, fine hair and thin hair are different beasts. Fine hair means that each individual strand is smaller in diameter than thicker hair. Thin hair refers to having fewer strands of hair on the head and of course thinning hair. Fine hair can be thin or you can have a full head of fine hair. Either way, fine hair can tend to fall … [Read more...]

How To Control Spiky Hair?


 My hair is naturally spiky and I can't control it. If I comb my hair it never stays in the same place. Please tell me how to control spiky hair?- KathiresanHi Kathiresan,Having hair that stands up is a common problem for men, especially those with short cuts and/or hair that is thick and coarse. The first place to start … [Read more...]

Beard Coloring Guide


 Growing a beard can be full of surprises. Facial hair can grow in different places than expected or different colors. Beard hair is frequently lighter, redder, or greyer than hair on the head. Sometimes this can be very attractive, adding distinction or a unique look. Other times, the beard can appear patchy or add unwanted years to your … [Read more...]

3 Cool Hair Color for Men Ideas

Hair Color Ideas for Men-

 There is so much more more to dyeing hair for men than covering grey! Add chunky streaks or all over color to update your look! Check out these pictures for 3 cool hair color for men ideas to try today!A no risk way to try out hair color for men is with one bold streak somewhere along the hairline. It's low commitment and looks … [Read more...]