How To Grow Your Hair Out (Men’s Tutorial)

how to grow out hair men

Longer hairstyles for men, from chin to beyond shoulder length, are a popular and attractive look.  It’s easy to decide to grow hair out but the process doesn’t happen overnight. While many supplements and products will promise to make hair … Read more

18 Cool Beard Styles You Should Try

Recent years have ushered in new hairstyles for men as well as revived some classic looks. The same is true for facial hair. Beard styles at the moment are a combination of never seen before designs as well as return … Read more

How To Get Wavy Hair: A Men’s Tutorial

When it comes to styling men’s hair, an excellent tool to add to your arsenal is texture. Right now textured haircuts like the crop fade and texture styling are a major trend. Why? Texture looks great and adds volume, shape, … Read more

45 Cool Mid Fade Haircuts

If high fades are too high and low fades are too low, these mid fade haircuts might be just right. This type of fade cleans up the neckline while leaving a hint of length above the temples. This in-between fade … Read more

Crop Haircuts For Men

Have you heard of the crop haircut? It can also be called a French crop, textured crop, crop fade, crop chop, and many more. As all of the names indicate, it’s a men’s short hairstyle with plenty of personality. The … Read more

How To Style Your Hair: A Guide For Men

How to style your hair for men

So you’ve got a great haircut. Now what. Here’s out guide for how to style hair for men including everything from using a comb or brush and making a part to at home hair color. We’ve also got styling tips … Read more

21 New Men’s Hairstyles For Curly Hair

We always try to accommodate our entire audience whether you have thick hair, wavy hair, straight hair, fine hair or curly hair. After a lot of recent requests on our Facebook page, today’s focus is in on the best men’s hairstyles for curly hair … Read more

15 Fresh Men’s Short Haircuts + Hairstyles

Short Men's Haircut

If you want short hair that looks great and is easy to style, look no further than these men’s short haircuts and cool hairstyles. These include some of the most popular short haircuts for men plus the latest trends. We’ve … Read more

The Best 5 Cordless Hair Clippers

Best cordless clippers

There are a lot of reasons to own hair clippers, even without the Coronavirus lockdown. You can trim facial hair yourself, mow down a forest of arm, leg, or chest hair, or touch up between haircuts. Now that haircuts are … Read more

50+ Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

Somewhere in between short and long, these medium length hairstyles for men are just right. It is a versatile length that can be worn up to look shorter or down for a long hair feeling. These medium length cuts for … Read more

25 Cool Buzz Cut Styles

The buzz cut is named for the buzzing sound that clippers make. It is often thought of as a military haircut but that’s not all. The shaved head has also been associated with anti-establishment movements like punk rock and is … Read more

27 Fresh Styles Of The Taper Haircut

Let’s start with what a taper haircut is and what it isn’t. Some people call fade haircuts tapers but that is not quite right. A fade blurs the edges of hair all the way around the sides and back of … Read more

15 Best Coronavirus Quarantine Haircuts For Men

We look forward to barber shops and hair salons re-opening safely across the country and world. Until then, if hair is getting as out of control as the rest of the pandemic, here are the best coronavirus quarantine haircuts to … Read more

25 Shape Up Haircuts -> Get Fresh

shape up haircut

First, what is a shape up haircut? It’s the same thing as a line up or edge up. Whatever you call it, this is a defined, instead of natural, hairline. The shape up is a straight line across the forehead … Read more

20 Long Hairstyles For Men

Today’s focus is on long hairstyles for men. With the hipster hair and man bun trends, a lot of men are growing their hair out on top to gain extra volume, flow, and movement with their styles. This collection of hairstyles is … Read more

25 Stunning Mullet Haircut Styles

Even at the height of popularity, the mullet haircut was not for the timid. Known as the “business at the front, party at the back” cut, the mullet has some attitude. Some of the most famous mullets are from hockey … Read more

22+ Taper Fade Haircuts That Look Great

Taper fade haircuts have been a popular choice for men for years. The classic look is also a hot trend will not go away any time soon. Here are some great examples of the classic taper fade that we are … Read more

19 Short Hairstyles For Men

Short haircuts are easy to wear, tame challenging hair types and can be stylish too. Check out these cool short hairstyles for men that feature the latest trends and popular classics. All of these styles are clean-cut enough for work … Read more

17 New Textured Haircuts for Men

textured haircuts for men

Everybody wants the definition and volume that comes with naturally wavy and curly hair. That’s why these textured haircuts for men are such a huge trend. Starting with the textured crop, aka the French crop, textured haircuts and styles have … Read more

19 Cool Curly Hair Fade Haircuts

curly hair fade haircuts

In addition to being one of the most popular styles for men, curly hair fade haircuts are one of the top looks for guys with curly hair. Fade haircuts make the most of any textured hair, from short hair to … Read more

21 Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

Most men’s haircuts are a variation of short back and sides, longer on top. These cool haircuts feature medium length hair on top for a wide range of cuts and styles. We’ve got volume, texture, waves and more. Check out … Read more

How to Wear the Flow Haircut

flow haircut

The movement and flow trend is now just called flow or the flow haircut. This fluid style started as the hockey haircut and got an update. Now it’s bro flow. This cool look is all about medium length or longer … Read more

The 11 Best Hair Creams for Men

Hair cream covers a range of hair products for men. It sounds retro but the best hair creams are easy to use, look natural, and work for all hair types. Styling creams are an excellent way to start using hair … Read more

The Best Men’s Haircuts For 2020

andrewdoeshair short mens haircut for curly hair sq

Another year of spectacular creativity brought forth a plethora of killer men’s haircuts. This is our roundup of the best men’s haircuts and hairstyles created by the best barbers around the world. In this post we get you all caught … Read more