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Best Gifts For Men: 60 Cool Ideas

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17 Fresh + Modern Spiky Hair Styles + Haircuts

Spiky haircuts and hairstyles are one of the top men’s hair trends. Like other long-lived looks, spiky styles have changed over time. Like many other hairstyles, spikes started with a military haircut – the flat top. Then the look entered … Read more

Ringlet curls perm for men

Perm Hairstyles For Men: A Complete Guide

Perm hairstyles for men can be a dramatic and long-lasting change to your current look. Modern perms can do anything from boost volume to create tight spiral curls and everything in between. Who are perms for? Anybody! A hot trend … Read more

Best cordless clippers

The Best 5 Cordless Hair Clippers

There are a lot of reasons to own hair clippers, even without the Coronavirus lockdown. You can trim facial hair yourself, mow down a forest of arm, leg, or chest hair, or touch up between haircuts. Now that haircuts are … Read more

The 11 Best Hair Creams for Men

Hair cream covers a range of hair products for men. It sounds retro but the best hair creams are easy to use, look natural, and work for all hair types. Styling creams are an excellent way to start using hair … Read more

The Best Hair Clay For Men

Hair clay is a type of pomade that adds texture and flexible hold with no shine to your hairstyle. Clay pomades work for all hair types up to medium length hair. This type of product is especially good for active … Read more

The Best 5 Pomades For Thin Hair

Not everyone is born with thick, lustrous hair but you can fake it and work some extra life into your haircut. The best pomades for thin hair help hair appear fuller, textured, and more voluminous. First let’s start with what … Read more

The Best Hair Wax for Men

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Thinning Hair: Hair Loss Questions Answered

The appearance of thinning hair is alarming for men at any age, from 16 to 60. Here are all your thinning hair questions answered plus how to stop hair loss, how to make hair appear thicker, and the best products … Read more

Beard Straighteners: A Complete Guide

A beard straightener is the fastest and easiest way to tame wild facial hair. When blow-drying with a brush, using a flat iron, or testing the strength of beard balms don’t work anymore, try one of these beard straighteners. A … Read more

The Best Beard Brush

If you only do one thing to take care of your beard, it should be brushing. Using a beard brush can do the same thing as a beard shampoo, beard oil, beard balm, and even a beard straightener, but to … Read more

Hair Color Options For Men

There are lots of reasons to color hair for men. Maybe you want lighter hair, darker hair, or brighter hair or maybe you just want to cover grays. There is a range of hair color options for men including semi-permanent, … Read more

The Best Shampoo for Men

A quality shampoo can improve the health of your hair. In this guide, we cover the best shampoo and conditioner options for men. The best shampoo for men is the right one for your hair type or scalp issue. Most … Read more

The Best Beard Oils + How to Use Them

Do I Need Beard Oil? In a word, yes. Beard oil is beneficial from the first phases of growing facial hair, whether you are working on a mustache, stubble, or full beard. Beard oil moisturizes skin, to soothe the itch … Read more

best beard balms

The Best Beard Balms For A Healthy Beard

Do I Need to Use Beard Balm? Any guy growing or maintaining a beard can benefit from a beard balm. It helps get past the itchy stage, eliminates dandruff, and makes hair softer and smoother. This is helpful for any … Read more

Clay Pomade By Baxter of California

Baxter Of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California makes super high-quality hair pomade for men. Their most popular product is the clay pomade. This is a product that we have used many times and recommend because it works so well. It does come in a … Read more

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Best Men’s Hair Products for Thick Hair

In addition to the best haircuts, men with thick hair need the right products to get those hairstyles just right. There are a ton of different types of hair products for men to create all kinds of hairstyles. Thick hair … Read more

pomade guide for men

Hair Pomade: Everything You Need To Know!

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the best hair pomades for men. What Is Pomade? Pomade is a generic term for a creamy hair product. Wikipedia sums it up as a “greasy, waxy or a … Read more

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Best Hair Products For Men: 2023 Guide

This is the ultimate guide to the best hair products for men. We’re covering the best styling products for most guys as well as all products for all kinds of hair types including thick, thinning, fine, curly, wavy, gray, and … Read more

Best Pomades + Hair Products For Men

We often get asked about the best pomades and hair products for men used to create cool men’s hairstyles. So, here we go…this is what we think you should have in your arsenal depending on what hair type you have or … Read more

How to Use Pomade

For most men’s hairstyles, some type of hair product is required for volume, hold or texture. This can be intimidating to guys who are new to using anything other than hair gel, but other types of products are almost as … Read more

curly hair products for men

Best Men’s Hair Products for Curly Hair

For guys with curly hair, the two most important ways to manage curls is a great haircut and keeping hair healthy by cutting down on the shampoo. Next up, the best products for men with curly hair can make hair … Read more

Dealing with Grey Hair and the Best Shampoos

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, except this site of course. There is no way to prevent grey hair. Like everything else, including thinning hair, healthy living is the secret to looking and feeling your best. So, eat … Read more

Best Products for Spiky Hair

Spiky hair is one men’s hairstyle that is here to stay. Whether it’s hot trend, a classic flat top, or anime style, spiky hair is fun, cool, and makes a statement. Here are the best products for spiky hair with … Read more

Beard Coloring Guide

Growing a beard can be full of surprises. Facial hair can grow or not grow in unexpected places as well as in different colors. Beard hair is frequently lighter, redder, or greyer than hair on the head. Sometimes this can … Read more

Stop Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a common issue for men. If you’re noticing some hair loss, take action beyond reaching for a baseball cap. The right hairstyle combined with the right products will minimize the appearance of thinning hair. Results vary but … Read more

How To Use Hair Gel

We don’t talk about hair gel a lot but it’s still a popular product for men. Hair gel is a great product with tons of hold and shine that creates long-lasting hairstyles for even the thickest hair. The problem is, … Read more