Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

Looking for a new look somewhere in between short and long hair? Then check out these super cool medium length hairstyles for men.

Types Of Men’s Haircuts – The Disconnected Undercut


To the untrained eye, men's hair can seem simple but in fact there are many types of men's haircuts as well as variations of those cuts. If you want to know more how to ask for this Fury-inspired look, it's a disconnect with an undercut. Keep reading for the details. The medium length hair on top is called a disconnection because of the lack of transition between longer ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Popular Medium Hairstyles For Men For 2015


If you think short hair is too short and long hair is too long, then medium length hair is just right. Check out these pictures for 5 ways to wear popular medium hairstyles for men in 2015. These almost chin length haircuts and styles are on trend for the new year, worn messier and longer.   Andy Biersack aka andybvb is the lead singer of the Black Veil Brides ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Men’s Hairstyles To Try In 2015: David Beckham


One of the upcoming collections to look for is Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham at H&M (coming March 5 online and in stores). David Beckham continues his reign as hair icon in the clothing line preview. Check out these images for cool men's hairstyles to try in 2015. As we keep saying, 2015 hair trends are taking the barbering styles and wearing them ... Get the hairstyle!

Men’s Medium Hairstyles Q+A


1. Ben Barnes Medium Hair Hi my name is David. I would like to grow my hair long like Ben Barnes, what is the best option to do it? Furthermore, which kind of product should I use for my hair (what kind of conditioner, gel or wax)?   What up, David. Just let your hair grow and wear a hat until you get to the desired length to get you through those lame stages. ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Hairstyles for Men


There is one defining feature of cool hairstyles for men and that's attitude. Think about Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, and Elvis. They are all known for very different hairstyles but they have one thing in common - the confidence to pull off any look. Hairstyle choices are not the latest trend because they are the trendsetters. Here are a few ways to incorporate that bad boy ... Get the hairstyle!

The Best Hockey Hairstyles 2014

Image: PuckBuddys

  Unlike soccer, hockey hairstyles do not have a good reputation. According to Wikipedia, hockey hair is defined as a mullet and Urban Dictionary states that it is synonymous with the terms party in the back, neck warmer, and Kentucky waterfall. First, let's reminisce about the glory days of hockey hair with a picture of Jaromír Jágr's iconic mullet, which has a ... Get the hairstyle!

The Man Bun: A brief history


  The man bun has been one the most controversial men's hairstyles, possibly garnering more attention than the in-your-face mohawk. Seen on male celebrities, hipsters, and the fashion forward, this look inevitably results in discussion followed by a few yeas and many nays. But it hasn't always been that way. Check out this brief history of the man ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Medium Length Hairstyles for Men: Celebrity Styles


Fashion trends seem to go on a pendulum. Jean silhouettes moved from baggy to skinny and are on their way to baggy again. At the other end of the body, precision and clean cut barbering is the hot trend now so it follows that longer, messier looks are on the horizon. The Men's Groomer Jason Schneidman predicted this trend and that means it will happen sooner rather than ... Get the hairstyle!

How To Get the Best Haircut


  1. How to talk to your barber or hairstylist  How can I talk to my barber to be sure to get the haircut I want? Pictures, pictures, pictures. Ask the professional if you meet the style requirements for hair texture and face shape.   2. How to find a good hairstyle The question I want to ask is how do you find a hairstyle that suits you? I've ... Get the hairstyle!

James Dean Hair


There are many imitators but only one James Dean. The bad boy's legend and his live on today so if you're looking for an effortlessly cool look, here's how to style James Dean hair. James Dean's iconic hairstyle is one of the inspirations for the slick hipster hair this is so popular today. His hair had some natural wave in it so it's a suitable look for wavy and even curly ... Get the hairstyle!