50+ Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

Somewhere in between short and long, these medium length hairstyles for men are just right. It is a versatile length that can be worn up to look shorter or down for a long hair feeling. These medium length cuts for … Read more

25 Stunning Mullet Haircut Styles

Even at the height of popularity, the mullet haircut was not for the timid. Known as the “business at the front, party at the back” cut, the mullet has some attitude. Some of the most famous mullets are from hockey … Read more

17 New Textured Haircuts for Men

textured haircuts for men

Everybody wants the definition and volume that comes with naturally wavy and curly hair. That’s why these textured haircuts for men are such a huge trend. Starting with the textured crop, aka the French crop, textured haircuts and styles have … Read more

21 Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

Most men’s haircuts are a variation of short back and sides, longer on top. These cool haircuts feature medium length hair on top for a wide range of cuts and styles. We’ve got volume, texture, waves and more. Check out … Read more

How to Wear the Flow Haircut

flow haircut

The movement and flow trend is now just called flow or the flow haircut. This fluid style started as the hockey haircut and got an update. Now it’s bro flow. This cool look is all about medium length or longer … Read more

The Best Men’s Haircuts For 2020

andrewdoeshair short mens haircut for curly hair sq

Another year of spectacular creativity brought forth a plethora of killer men’s haircuts. This is our roundup of the best men’s haircuts and hairstyles created by the best barbers around the world. In this post we get you all caught … Read more

21 Stylish Side Part Haircuts

alan_beak side part haircut hairstyles for men fade

Whether you want a classic or modern look, side part haircuts are a flattering choice. This versatile style can be as clean cut or bold as you like. If you’re looking for an easy to style haircut for men, try … Read more

Men’s Hair Ideas from Short to Long

Men’s hair right now is anything but boring. There are hot new styles or add a creative touch to classic looks. From short buzz cuts to medium length, these haircuts have a lot of personality. There’s one for every hair … Read more

15 Professional Business Hairstyles For Men

professional business hairstyles for men

In general, professional hairstyles for men are clean cut. That can be either a short haircut or longer hair styled neatly. Classic men’s hairstyles are also appropriate for conservative work environments, including the high and tight, slick back, and side … Read more

25 Good Haircuts For Men

side part hairstyle for men

This curated selection of good haircuts for men includes some classics, trends and combinations of the two. We’ve got side part hairstyles, comb overs, spikes and short cuts that suit all types of hair and face shapes. Add a fade … Read more

20 Fresh Medium Length Haircuts For Men

kristenmichellehair cool medium length mens haircut

Medium length haircuts have been the most popular class of men’s haircuts the past few years. Medium length hair has emerged after a couple years of heavy clipper work and more of a focus on fade haircuts. Growing your hair … Read more

Men’s Medium Haircuts

Sometimes that not too long, not too short hair length is just right. Medium hair for men is longer than 2-3 inches or thereabouts. These medium men’s haircuts tend to be longer on top with short sides and back but … Read more

The Gentleman Haircut

The gentleman haircut is a classic and clean cut look. It usually has a side part but can also be combed over to one side without a defined part. Update the gentleman with a fade haircut or modern styling. Any … Read more

Men’s Hairstyles With Flow And Movement

Taking this year’s textured look to the next level is another men’s hair trend: styles with lots of movement and flow. Instead of being slicked back with a comb, these fresh looks are styled with fingers for plenty of volume, … Read more

Best Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

Medium length hair can be messy or neat, classic or modern, worn up or down. More length means more options. It seems like short hair is low maintenance but that’s not always the case. A great cut with tapered sides … Read more

19 Medium Hairstyles For Men

One of the latest men’s hairstyle trends is longer and looser hairstyles. That means more medium length hairstyles and styling with fingers instead of a comb. These medium hairstyles for men are updated versions of classic and popular hairstyles like … Read more

55+ Textured Hairstyles For Men

Textured cuts and styles have been a hot trend the past 12 months. Scissor cut texture adds definition and volume that can be enhanced with styling. For short hair, try a messy crop while textured spikes work for any length. The … Read more

Popular Men’s Hairstyles with Natural Texture

Texture is one of the year’s top men’s hair trends and will continue to go strong. In addition to cuts and styles that add separation, wave and volume to hair, the latest looks are embracing natural texture. For guys with any … Read more

20 Classic Men’s Hairstyles With A Modern Twist

Classic men’s hairstyles are making a comeback because they look as good today as they did in the past. Slick styles, pompadours, and loose fringe are all here again. Now many of these styles are worn with other flattering features … Read more