Top 5 Easy-to-Use Matte Pomades For Men

By Rich Krafting


If you want a men’s hair product that you can’t go wrong with, try one of the best 5 matte pomades. They work for most hair types and have a natural finish that won’t look greasy or feel crunchy.

Matte pomades can have a medium or stronger hold. Many formulas work well for finer hair types like blonde, grey, or thinning hair. The wax and clay that holds without shine are also great for thick hair as well as wavy and curly hair.

How does a shine-free pomade work for so many hair types? The water-based formulas define hair, enhance texture, and also add volume and fullness. There’s something for everyone.

5 Reasons To Try Matte Pomade:

  • Natural shine + touchable finish
  • Easy to use
  • Washes out with water
  • Can use for most hairstyles
  • Works for all hair types

How To Use Matte Pomade

Scoop out a small amount of pomade with your finger. Then rub the product between palms until it warms up and spreads easily. Work the pomade through hair with your fingers starting at the roots and work toward the tips, from front to back. Add more product if necessary.

Use a comb to style a slick back, pompadour, or formal style. For loose, messy styles fingers are enough. Keep some wavy and curly texture by styling hair with fingers.

Now check out our favorite matte pomades. If that’s not enough, check out these clay pomades that also have a low shine finish.

The 5 Best Matte Pomades

1. Best Matte Pomade For Most Guys – Suavecito Pomade Matte

2. Strongest Hold Matte Pomade – Reuzel Concrete Hold Pomade

3. Best High Hold, Low Shine Pomade – STMNT Grooming Goods Matte Paste

4. Best Matte Pomade For Thick Hair – BYRD Hair Matte Pomade

5. Best Matte Pomade With Sea Salt – Sonny’s Original Surf Paste

1. The Best Matte Pomade For Most Guys

Suavecito may be known for shiny pomades but the matte formulas are excellent too. This is a great products to start out with because it works for all hair types and is easy to apply. Use Suavecito for all kinds of hairstyles from modern and messy to traditional and slick.

Suavecito Pomade Matte 

• Medium hold, matte finish

• Works for all hair types + most hairstyles

2. Strongest Hold Matte Pomade

They call it concrete hold for a reason. Even with all the top ingredients for hold – wax, clay, and oils, this matte pomade washes out easily. The formula won’t overpower fine hair types and is also soft and reworkable. The vanilla cola fragrance is one of our favorites. Like all Reuzel pomades, you can combine products to create exactly teh texture and hold you’re looking for.

Reuzel Concrete Hold
Matte Pomade

• Strongest hold, no shine

• Works well for finer hair textures

3. Best High Hold, Low Shine Pomade

The Matte Pastes is part of a Statement Grooming Goods collection by on one of our favorite Instagram barbers, Julius Cvesar. It contains diatomaceous earth, made from fossilized prehistoric algae, for an ultra matte finish. Ground into a fine powder, DE is rich in silica, which may help hair growth, and has a high surface area that can can absorb up to 6 times its volume. It can soak up oil and be used as a dry shampoo after a day or two without washign hair.

The strong hold formula adds texture and definition that lasts all day and even works for the finest hair. Most guys enjoy the coconut-based scent.

STMNT Grooming Goods
Matte Paste

• Strong hold, no shine

• Diatomaceous earth adds grit and absorbs oil

4. Best Matte Pomade For Thick Hair

Some matte pomade formulas work well for finer hair types but Byrd Matte Pomade is best for thick, straight, and wavy hair types. The hold is stronger than medium, stands up to all kinds weather, and can be restyled without any water. Try this pomade for all a natural look for short, medium, and long hair. All Byrd products are paraben, pfthalate, and sulfate-free.

BYRD Hair Matte Pomade

• Medium hold, low shine

• Works for thick, straight + wavy hair

5. Best Matte Pomade With Sea Salt

Made by Sun Bum, the best-smelling sun protection, this surf paste styles and protects hair. We often recommend sea salt spray to add some texture to hair or thicken fine locks. This surf paste features sea salt in addition to healthy oils for that flattering fresh-from-the-beach look. The medium hold paste works well for short spikes as well as looser styles. It is also vegan, gluten, cruelty, sulfate, and paraben free.

Sonny’s Original Surf Paste

• Medium hold, matte finish

• Sea salt thickens hair + adds texture

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