Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

By Rich Krafting


While the word pompadour may conjure images of a tall greaser hairstyle, this classic look is still popular these days. Guys today can wear modern versions of pompadour hairstyles, retro styles or anything in between.

The pompadour is a surprisingly versatile men’s hairstyle. That pomp shape can be shiny or matte, combed or messy, slicked back or on an angle. Men’s hair trends right now are reinventing the pomp with texture, side parts, fades and even more variations.

Styling a pompadour is a combination of heat and product. Work a strong hold product through damp hair and blow it dry with high heat. Using a round brush, guide hair back into an approximation of the pompadour shape. Focus extra attention on the front along the hairline. Finish blow drying with a blast of cold hair to seal the cuticle and keep that shape. Last, work more product through hair with a comb or fingers, depending on the style you are going for.

Check out all these 30 different ways to wear pompadour hairstyles for men.

1. Classic Pompadour Hairstyle

Classic pompadour hairstyle for men

Figaro’s Barbershop Lisboa

This is what most people think of when they hear the word pompadour. It’s the classic look worn with lots of height and shine.

2. Elvis Pompadour

Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

Figaro’s Barbershop Lisboa

This high pomp is an close imitation of one of the most famous pompadour hairstyles, Elvis’ signature look.

3. Modern Pompadour

Modern pompadour hairstyle

Zach Ramsey

Here’s a modernized version of the pomp with a low fade, textured styling and a matte finish. The look is as cool today as it has always been.

4. Side Part Pompadour

Side part pompadour mens hairstyle

Brian Muñoz Antía

Another way to update the classic part is adding a defined side part. With a part, it makes sense to comb hair at an angle rather than straight back.

5. Pompadour for Curly Hair

Pompadour for natural curls

Zach Ramsey

The pomp isn’t only for straight hair. It also works for wavy, curly and black hair. This pompadour shape is a cool variation on a high top fade.

6. Pomp + Bald Fade

Pompadour and bald fade haircut

Juan Manuel Ortiz Abad

The pomp fade is the most popular way to wear this style today. It can be worn with every kind of fade and this bald drop fade enhances that signature pompadour profile.

7. Side Pomp Fade

Side part pomp

Anthony Giannotti

This loose and messy pomp pushed over to one side combines the pompadour with the movement and flow trend.

8. Blonde Pompadour

Anthony Deluca

The pomp looks good in every color but has extra impact in platinum blonde.

9. Comb Over Pompadour + Hard Part

Comb over pompadour hairstyle


Side part hairstyles tend to be combed over to the opposite side. This side part pomp combines a comb over fade with the height of a pompadour.

10. HighFade Pompadour

High fade and pompadour

Lawrence Fo

This dramatic men’s hairstyle features a high and shiny pomp contrasting with a high bald fade.

11. How to Style a Pompadour

Rum Barber

Heat, not product, is the key to styling a pompadour. Even with shorter hair, this vertical style needs a blow dryer.

12. Long Hair Pompadour

Long hair pompadour hairstyles for men

Josh Lamonaca

Longer hair means a higher pomp.

13. Pompadour + Side Part

Side part pompadour hairstyle for guys

Andrew Does Hair

A side part and low bald fade add modern details to a classic shiny pomp.

14. Pomp Fade

Pompadour fade haircut

Andrew Does Hair

This gentleman actually has curly hair that has been straightened with a blow dryer before being styled into a pomp. Guys with curly hair don’t need to do this everyday but it is an option.

15. Wavy Hair Pompadour

Wavy hair pompadour hairstyles

Adam O’Callaghan

Wavy hair can be left as is and worked up into the pomp shape with the right product. In this case, blow drying is not required because natural texture adds plenty of volume.

16. Textured Pompadour

Textured hair pompadour

Stephen J.

This fresh style uses wavy texture to create that classic rolled shape of a pomp.

17. Taper Haircut

Taper haircut pompadour

Matthew Conrad

The taper haircut trend is bringing back vintage hairstyles that can be styled into a pomp.

18. Different Pompadour Styles

Juan Manuel Ortiz Abad

A surgical line and bald fade aren’t all that make this pomp hairstyle interesting. It looks cool whether it’s worn ultra smooth or with textured waves.

19. Pomp Fade + Waves

 Juan Manuel Ortiz Abad

Adding coarse texture is the latest trend in pomp fades.

20. Blonde Streaks

JuanFran Peluquero

A couple of blonde streaks add interest to this classic pomp fade.

21. Pomp with Flow

Pompadour haircut with flow

Javi the Barber

Adding some looseness to this pomp creates a new silhouette.

22. Tall Pompadour

Stephen J.

This pomp is even taller than Elvis’ pompadour.

23. Undercut Pompadour + Texture

Undercut pompadour hairstyle

Javi the Barber

An undercut instead of fade or taper and plenty of texture create an all new way to wear the pomp.

24. Cool Pompadour Hairstyle

Cool pompadour for men

Ruben Djirlauw

A matte finish and loose texture is another way to wear a pompadour for long hair.

25. Side Part Pompadour

Zeke the Barber

A side part changes up that classic pomp profile.

26. Gray Pompadour + Waves

Zeke the Barber

Style is ageless. Shades of gray and some wave make this a unique and extra cool pomp.

27. Short Pompadour


A pomp hairstyle can be styled with hair as short as 2″ long. The same styling technique applies.

28. Pomp Hawk

Johnny Snips

The pompadour mohawk is an excellent combination.

29. Comb Over Pomp Fade

Matt J.

A shaved part shifts this pomp over to one side for a cool asymmetrical profile.

30. Purple Pomp

Javi the Barber

Bold color and a high bald fade make this classic pomp even better.

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