39+ Men’s Haircuts To Get Right Now

These are 39 of the best men’s haircuts cut and styled by the best barbers worldwide. We first take a look at a group of textured haircuts for men, then pompadours, undercuts, good haircuts for curly hair, short hair haircuts, and finally haircuts with medium to longer lengths of hair and short sides.

Textured Men’s Haircuts

1. Nice Smooth Fade With Texture On Top

Haircut by Dimitris Lianos

2. Drop Fade Haircut With Textures + Disconnected Beard

Haircut by Dimitris Lianos

3. Razor Faded Undercut + Chopped and Sliced Textures + Diagonal Straight Fringe

Haircut by Ruben Djirlauw

4. Chunky Sculpted Textures + Skin Fade

Haircut by Chris Graham at Barbers of BT45

5. Hard Part + Natural Curls

Haircut by Julius Caesar

6. Skin Fade + Short Textured Hair Men’s Haircut

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

7. Short Sides + Medium Textures On Top

Haircut by Agus Barber


8. High Fade + Flying Pomp

Haircut by Zainal

9. Shorter Pomp + High Fade + Hard Part

Haircut by Pedro Abreu

10.  Pomp With Razor Part Braid

Haircut by Braid Barbers

11. Skin Fade + Side Part Pompadour

Haircut by Ruben Djirlauw

12. Loose Pomp

Haircut by edwardstylesyou

13. Short Scissor Cut Sides + Side Part Pompadour

Haircut by Alex Parjus

14. Classic Cut + Classic Comb Styling

Haircut by Braid Barbers

15. Slick Combed Pomp + Double Hard Part

Haircut by Jordon Mckenny

16. Pomp-Hawk + Disconnected Beard

Haircut by ricoclipperhands

Undercut Hairstyles For Men

17. Long Wavy Hair Undercut + Disconnected Beard

Haircut by Braid Barbers

18. Long Straight Hair Undercut + Bald Fade

Haircut by Don Rommel

Men’s Haircuts For Curly Hair

19. High Fade + Hard Part + Curly Hair

Haircut by Dimitris Lianos

20. Smooth Bald Fade

Haircut by Edward DaSpot

21. High Skin Fade + Naturally Curly Hair

Haircut by Micky Graham

22. Curls + Bald Fade + Precise Double Side Part

Haircut by Dynasty Barbers

23. Messy Hair Braids Through The Top + Blurry Fade

Haircut by Sidney Roberto

Short Hair Men’s Haircuts

24. Short Hair Clean Scissor Cut

Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

25. Super Clean Super Short Fade Haircut

Haircut by Giovanni McGlasson

26. Low Fade Haircut

Haircut by Mike The Barber at Dynasty Barbershop

27. Skin Fade + Solid Fringe

Haircut by Rokkmanbarbers

28. Cool Side Part Combover Hairstyle + Skin Fade

Haircut by Alex Parjus

29. Wild Slicked Back Hair Hairstyle For Men + Disconnected Beard

Haircut by Jordon Mckenny

30. Drop Fade Men’s Haircut

Haircut by Freshh Tha Barber

Haircuts For Medium Lengths + Longer Hair

31. Tall Thick Hair On Top + Short Sides

Haircut by Jessica Zeinstra

32. Long Natural Hair Pushed Back In Sections

Haircut by Jessica Zeinstra

33. High Fade + Loose Hair Blown Dry

Haircut by Javi The Barber

34. Side Quiff Men’s Hairstyle

Haircut by The Gentleman Barbers

35. Classic Men’s Haircut + Comb Work

Haircut by Braid Barbers

36. Classic Haircut Scissor Cut

Haircut by Ross Parlane Barbershop

37. Longer Hair Clean Cut + Slicked Back Men’s Hairstyle

Haircut by Liam Campbell

38. Longer Hair On Top + Long Fringe + Short Sides

Haircut by Andre Fonseca

39. Mid Fade + Side Part + Long Fringe

Haircut by KT

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