41 Mohawk Haircut Styles That Make A Statement

By Rich Krafting


The mohawk haircut has come a long way from the punk rock style. Punk may be dead (or not) but the mohawk lives on.

To be a mohawk, a haircuts has to be strip of hair down the center of the head with shaved, faded, or shorter sides. That is where the similarities end. A mohawk can be short, wide, curly, finish in a V-shaped neckline or do something else entirely.

Wikipedia tells us that the mohawk haircut is an “emblem of non-conformity” and that is certainly true for punks but that’s not all. It is also the hairstyle of warriors, as far back as 2000 years and more recently by American soldiers in World War II and Vietnam.

Today, the mohawk, and it’s cousin the faux hawk, are popular with for lots of guys, especially for athletic hairstyles, Black hair, curly hair, and with a mullet. Keep reading for all of these and more.

1. Mohawk Haircut Styles

Here are some of the typical mohawk haircuts available. Typical for mohawks but not at all boring.

Mohawk haircut

The classic punk mohawk with messiness that projects the NFG attitude.

Mohawk hair colors
Braid Barbers

This is a modern, or even futuristic, mohawk. A burst fade shaves the sides while a shaved arch, zig-zag neckline, and bold color embody that counter-culture spirit. Fringe is worn down but spikiness all over is in the spirit of the hawk.

Cool mohawk haircut
Amanda Nicole

A mohawk is endlessly adaptable. This version combines the iconic haircut with modern styling. The front has hints of a pompadour while the rest of hair flows free like the mane a wild horse running in the wind.

Mohawk haircut for Black men
Zach Ramsey

Curly mohawk, frohawk, whatever you call it, this is cool. This wide cut mohawk peaks in the middle and ends in a V.

Crop fade mohawk haircut
Mundo Degradê

This modern mohawk looks like the popular crop fade from the front. Then a burst fade trims down the sides, leaving a strip of hair at the neckline.

South of France mohawk haircut
Angel Raws

This is the gentleman’s mohawk, aka the South of France. Here, defined edges are interrupted by the blur of a burst fade. The angles continue into the beard.

Mohawk mullet haircut
Dario D. Bordón

The mullet is back and better than ever, especially when combined with a mohawk. Wear it spiky, messy, or curly.

From the front, this cool cut looks like a messy pomp. It’s still more mo than faux though.

2. Mohawk Fade Haircut

The classic mohawk has shaved sides but today mohawk fades are more popular. Here are some different ways to get the look.

Short Mohawk Fade Haircuts

Short Mohawk Fade Haircut
Jacob Taylor Jiminez

The V-shaped neckline is a cool way to end a wider mohawk style. Even better, add a slash somewhere unexpected.

Short mohawk haircut
Amanda Nicole

Another South of France look but for straight hair.

Black Mohawk Fades

This is pretty much the same bald burst fade haircut but with different hair (and beard) lengths.

Black man mohawk haircut Edison Frias
Phat Bobby’s Cuts

Here’s an even longer hawk with texture and curl seen on former Major League Baseball pitcher Edison Frias.

Pompadour Styles

The pompadour is especially popular for guys with thick hair. These cool looks combine that classic shiny pomp at the front with a burst fade mohawk.

Faux Hawk Styles

Is it still a faux hawk with a mohawk cut? We’ll allow it.

Faux hawk fohawk mohawk haircut

These bold looks appear to be a faux mo from the front but go all in at the sides and back.

3. Short Mohawk Haircut Styles

A mohawk is defined by the shorter sides so can be any length. Here are some ideas for short mohawk styles.

Short mohawk haircut
Cole Buerkle

There’s a lot happening hair with spikes at the top, a full beard, and hint of mullet. Style it up, pomp it back, or do whatever.

Short burst fade mohawk haircut
Union Barber Station

This is a great look for summer that keeps you cool and leaves a bit of flow at the back of a ball cap.

Short mohawk hairstyles with V-cut neckline
DTown Barbers

The pointed neckline makes it clear that this is a mohawk.

Punk’s not dead. It loves on in these hairstyles and in you.

Short mohawk haircut
Forge Studio

And finally, a mohawk without a fade. It still reads as punk with longer hair down the center plus some vertical styling.

4. Mohawk Haircuts For Black Men

The burst fade mohawk is a popular look for Black men. Check out these different looks with curls and braids too.

Curly mohawk fade haircut for Black boys
Squeak Pro Barber

This cool curly cut looks good at every age.

Mr T mohawk haircut with beard
Mykel Valentine

This vertical hawk with a beard has Mr T. vibes that we are here for.

Curly mohawk hiarcut for Black men
Zach Whalen

Tight, kinky curls bring natural volume to a mohawk plus an organic shape. Or keep it tight with some product.

Long mohawk for Black men
Tyrone Bell

Color takes this already next level burst fade mohawk to whatever level is after that.

Braids with fade for Black men
Cutman Mills

Box braids with a fade look great in every combination but this mohawk cut is extra cool.

Braid mohawk for Black men Antonio Brown

And wide receiver Antonio Brown with a graphic look of a braided hawk plus shaved lines.

5. Curly Mohawks

Curly and even wavy hair have enough texture to stand a mohawk up. Here are some short, medium and long curly mohawks.

Jelle Vissers

This mohawk style is mullet-like in that it’s business at the front and party at the back.


This burst fade mohawk is one of the popular curly hair fade styles.

These cool cuts are on the verge of mohawk mullet territory. Keep reading for more on that cool look.

Chae Amando

Long hair has plenty of volume without being styled.

6. Mohawk Mullet Haircuts

The only thing that makes a mohawk better is a mullet. Or vice versa.

Mohawk mullet haircut
Forge Studio

A lot of guys have been missing haircuts and getting some flow. Keep that growth and clean it up with this cool cut.

Short mohawk mullet haircut

This is about as wide as a mohawk can be but there’s still plenty of room for a design. This look will only get better with more length.

Punk mohawk mullet haircut
Amanda Nicole

The choppy, piecey cut has plenty of attitude without any vertical or spiky styling.

Short mohawk mullet shag haircut
Pat Regan

Running back James Conner is known for beating Hodgkin’s Lymphoma but let’s talk about his hair for a minute. In the great tradition of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Yinzer culture, he grew out his mullet. Here’s it is with a short mohawk at the front.

7. More Mohawks

A mohawk can be anything you want it to be. Here are some ideas.

New mohawk haircuts

Taking that stepped flat top literally to the next level with three levels plus a reverse fade at the sideburns.

A futuristic take on the retro duck’s ass is a whole new way to style a mohawk.

Mohawk with hair designs

Here’s another cool way to finish off a short mohawk.

Neckline hair designs mohawk

And so is this.

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