11 Mohawk Haircut Styles

The mohawk haircut has come a long way from the original punk style. Punk may be dead but the mohawk lives on.

All of these haircuts feature a strip of hair down the center and shaved sides but that’s where the similarities end. They can be cut wide, finish in a V-shaped neckline or do something else entirely.

The modern mohawk can be worn with any type of fade, curls, black hair or even short hair.

Check out these 11 different ways to wear the mohawk haircut.

1. Undercut Mohawk Hairstyle

Undercut mohawk haircut


This version is actually more of a mohawk hairstyle than a haircut. The strip of hair stops a few inches above the neckline but long hair continues the arc when worn up. Instead of being spiked vertically, this cool style is more of a pomp hawk.

2. Mohawk Haircut + Hair Design

Cool mohawk haircut with hair design in fade

Juan Lopez

The shaved sides of a mohawk can be a canvas for hair designs. A platinum hawk stands out against dark hair and the line is echoed in the high low fade with a shaved arc.

3. Dreads Mohawk Haircut

Cool mohawk with dreads

Phat Bobby’s Cuts

Kinky and curly hair work really with a mohawk fade because it has plenty of natural volume. This frowhawk seen on Fresno Grizzlies pitcher Edison Frias is on point.

4. Frohawk + Burst Fade

Frohawk haircut

Squeak Pro Barber

Add a large burst fade on both sides to curly hair and you have this cool wide mohawk.

5. Short Curly Hair Mohawk + Line Up

Short curly hair fade haircut and beard

Al Uppercut

An even wider mohawk, this version cleans up the edges with a tape up, temple fade and curved neckline.

6. Wide Mohawk Haircut for Curly Hair

Burst fade haircut

Angel Raws

The mohawk haircut works at any length because it is all about the shape. This length is similar to Usher’s mohawk haircut.

7. Mohawk Haircut for Short Hair

Short spiky haircut


The shorter the mohawk, the easier it is to spike. This cool version cuts hair wider at the forehead and narrows in to a V-shaped neckline.

8. High Fade Under-Hawk

Long hair undercut mohawk aka underhawk

Lundon New York

This cool style adds some of the current trend for movement and flow to a mohawk.

9. Undercut Mohawk


Takashi Matsushima

With medium length hair and a the right style, this undercut is transformed into a mohawk.

10. Mohawk Fade

mohawk curly hair


All it takes is a hint of a burst fade to create that mohawk silhouette. This cut requires minimal effort for curly hair but works for straight hair with some spike styling.

11. Mohawk Braids

Braids mohawk


Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has a number of mohawk haircuts but this is the most unique with vertical braids and hair designs.

There you have it an awesome round-up of mohawk haircuts!

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