50 Cool Guy’s Haircuts

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Summer heat means more casual dress from head to toe. For hair, that can translate to shorter cuts, messier styles or down-to-the-skin fades. There are ways to make every hairstyle easier to wear for this busy season.

Short haircuts for men are an obvious way to stay cool while looking good. For a trendy style that is growing in popularity, check out the textured crop. The cut layers thick hair for lots of definition and requires minimal styling.

Slick styles, pomps and combovers will benefit fit from taking the shine level down a notch. Extra sheen can look or get greasy in higher temperatures. In addition, heat and humidity tends to melt higher shine products and reduce their hold while matte products usually stay strong. We’ve got plenty of styles with the same shape but added texture and waves that just look great at work and play.

For haircuts of every length, adding a taper or skin fade flatters every face shape and makes styling a breeze. There are so many variations of the fade, up high, down low or even both. Add a shaved part or hair design for a cool detail.

So check out these pictures of cool guy’s haircuts for a fresh new look.

1. Slick Hair + Texture

Antonio Mateo

2. Natural Wave + Temple Fade + Beard

Carter Supply Co.

3. Pomp  Fade + Wave

Barber Birdman

4. Thick Pomp + V-Shaped Neckline

Javi the Barber

5. Messy Spike + Texture + Low Skin Fade

Little Jay

6. Cool Short Cut for Thick Hair

Fame or Glory

7. Easy Spiked Quiff + High-Low Fade

Gareth Moriarty

8. High & Tight + Skin Fade

Hard Grind

9. Curved Part + Line Up + High Taper Fade

Pat Regan

10. Side Part Combover for Short Hair

German “Goldentouch”

11. Classic Pompadour + Low Fade

The Outro Barbershop

12. Flat Top with a Step + Shaved Part

Adam “Fresh”

13. Deep Side Part Combover + Waves

Justin A

14. Natural Side Part Hairstyle + Zero Fade

Paul Fitz

15. Textured Crop + Fade

The Elk and Clipper

16. Easy to Style Cut + Texture

Mick Martin

17. Textured Messy Crop + Skin Fade

Braid Barbers

18. Messy Spikes + Line Up + Fade


19. Spiky Hair + Line Up + High Fade

Juan Abreu

20. Long Spiky Quiff + Skin Fade

Danny & Co. Barbers

21. Double V-Cut with Reverse Fade + Locks

Eduardo Muller

22. Bald Fade Undercut + Hair Design

Da Spot Barbershop

23. Wide Curly Mohawk + Strikeout Part

Andy Authentic

24. Frohawk + Burst Fade


25. Short Haircut for Curly Hair + Burst Fade

Talitha A.M.E. Maddison

26. Thick Pomp + Temple Fade

Privilege Barbershop

27. Slick Pomp + Surgical Part + Low Bald Fade

Mr. Liptrot

28. Flat Top + Arc

Chris Boos

29. Line Up + Twists + Fade

Leomar Rosa

30. Wavy Quiff + Short Beard 

London School of Barbering

31. Textured Volume + High-Low Fade

Mark Bustos

32. Textured Combover + Undercut

Josh Connolly

33. Defined Waves + Taper Fade


34. Slick Pomp + Waves

Michael Martin

35. Combover + Curved Razor Part

Men’s Club Barbershop

36. Short Fro + Line Up + Neck Taper

Shawn Barbz

37. Messy Crop Haircut For Guys

Mr. Liptrot

38. Short Hair + Texture

Ryan Turton

39. Short Curly Hair + Mid Skin Fade

Melissa Toft Hair

40. Short Crop + Blunt Fringe

The Greek

41. Long Hair + Man Bun + Taper Fade Guy’s Haircut

Pedro Abreau

42. Long Combover + Line Part

Underground Veria

43. Cool Short Haircut + Spikes

Terry’s Hairdressing

44. Longer on Top + Natural Texture

Ross Mathieson

45. Textured Crop + Fade + Shaved Line

Tommy Geography

45. Spikes + Line Up + Hard Part + Fade = Cool Guy’s Haircut

Armando the Barber

46. Neck Taper + Shaved Lines

Jay’s Fades

47. Tall Pomp + Texture

 Julius Cvesar

49. Spiky Guy’s Haircut + Highlights

Ryan Cullen

50. Back + High Bald Fade

Rokk Man Barbers

So there you have it…50 brand new guy’s haircuts for you to try out.