Little Boy Haircuts + Hairstyles For Toddler Boys

By Rich Krafting


Whether your little one started off with a full head of hair or it took months to grow in, the time for little boy haircuts sneaks up on you.

Just like clothes, have fun exercising your parental taste while you can. Haircuts for boys can be trendy or classic, short or long, sweet or cool. All of these cuts work with the various hair types boys can have, from fine to thick and straight to curly.

It can be tough to find a trustworthy place for boy’s haircuts. Getting recommendations from other parents is a great place to start. Knowing your kid is another important factor. Those kids haircut places with cars to sit in and screens everywhere won’t usually give you the most stylish and trendy looks but they get the job done quickly and have experience working with kids.

Many barbers and salons welcome children as well. While they are likely to give a better haircut, it often takes longer and the environment may or may not be kid-friendly.

Now on to 13 of the cutest haircuts for little boys and toddlers.

1. Trendy Textured Haircuts For Little Boys

Haircuts for little boys

Alan Beak

This textured crop haircut is a major trend for men that also looks great on boys. It keeps hair short in a stylish way that also works for thick, wavy and curly hair types or enhances texture for straight hair.

2. Cool Little Boy Haircuts With Spikes + Lines

Little Boy Haircuts


This version of the textured crop for thick, straight hair adds cool spiky texture. For the bold, add this shaved line at the sides instead of short hair or a fade.

3. Popular Haircuts For Little Boys: Long Top + Short Sides

Hairlich Deluxe

This longer on top, short sides and back haircut is a popular choice because it balances length and easy styling. Just push hair over to one side to keep hair out of the eyes.

4. Best Short Haircuts For Little Boys With High Fade

Short haircuts for little boys

Pauly D.

If your little boy thinks going to the barber is as bad as going to the dentist, this is the best short haircut for you. It’s got a little bit of length on top that looks great now and will continue to look great as it grows long. This should give you a couple of months before the cut.

5. Cute Haircuts For Little Boys

Cute haircuts for toddler boys


Spiky hairstyles for boys work with thick hairs naturally tendency to stick up and looks cool.

6. Cool Bald Fade Haircuts For Little Boys

Fade haircuts for little boys and toddlers

Amanda Nicole

For boys that can deal with the noise and vibrations of clippers, the fade is a stylish cut that keeps them cool. If clippers around the sides and edges have been okay, your little boy may ready for this skin fade with short haircut.

7. Little Boy Haircuts For Straight Hair

Braid Barbers

Longer haircuts are also a popular option for the toddler and preschool set. This cool cut adds shape and texture to straight hair while keeping it medium-long all over. While hair is styled here, it will also look adorable without styling or with some bedhead.

8. Little Boy Long Haircuts

Alicea Hermeyer

For many kids, those baby curls won’t last forever. Make the most of it with a long haircut. This earlobe grazing cut keeps curls at the ends and creates a flattering shape that will grow out nicely.

9. Little Boy Mohawk Haircuts

Katherine G.

Mohawk haircuts are a cool and popular style for boys of all ages. This cut is a little bit longer along the center of the head so it can be spiked up without looking strange without styling. Another option would be a faux hawk cut with length only on top. Or take it a step further with a cool V-shaped neckline.

10. Little Boy Haircuts For Curly Hair

Henry Thomas

Get that unparalleled childhood mop top by leaving curly hair long. Some trimming may be required to shape hair or keep it out of the eyes. Make sure to a visit a barber or stylist familiar with curls and patient with a squirming child.

Or simply trim hair yourself a little bit at a time. Start with one ringlet at a time, leaving hair longer around the neck and shortest at the top layers.

11. Long On Top + Short On Sides

The 59 Tattoo & Barber Shop

This cool longer on top haircut with shaves sides works well for thick hair and finer locks as well. The textured comb over is meant to be pushed over to one side side. It can also be spiked up, combed smooth or worn loose.

12. Haircuts for Boys with Bangs


This classic little boys haircut gets a modern update from some textured layering and short hair around the sides and back.

13. Side Part Hairstyle

 Tom Baxter Hair

A defined part is a cool look for a little boy. While it can be a formal style, a cool fade and plenty of personality also make it work for everyday.

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