20 Fresh Medium Length Haircuts For Men

Medium length haircuts have been the most popular class of men’s haircuts the past few years. Medium length hair has emerged after a couple years of heavy clipper work and more of a focus on fade haircuts.

Growing your hair out can be fun. This is our collection of the best medium length men’s haircuts you can try out. These hairstyles for men are showing off more natural looks. The focus is on extra body, movement and flow. The gallery shows off great variety of looks. Textured haircuts, tapered haircuts, low fades, mid fades, high fades, side part hairstyles and many more cool looks to give you inspiration for your next trip to the barbershop.

Tapered Haircut + Choppy Textured Hair On Top

By andrewdoeshair

A tapered haircut for men that features choppy textures that delivers tonnes of movement.

Cool Classic Tapered Haircut + Low Fade

By chris_barbercode

Another fantastic clean taper haircut. Short side and back with medium flow on top.

Slicked Back Hair + Taper Fade + Cool Hair Design

By criztofferson

Another super cool haircut by criztofferson. Slicked back textured hair, taper fade, cool neck design and a disconnected beard.

Side Part Haircut + Mid Skin Fade

By Jose Crespo

Super clean skin fade and medium length side part hairstyle.

Medium Length Pompadour Haircut + Burst Fade

By kristenmichellehair

I love this haircut. One of my favorite looks that I have seen lately. It combines a burst fade with a great looking pomp.

Textured Quiff Haircut + Mid Fade

By raduvitca

A beautifully cut textured quiff haircut blended perfectly into a mid fade.

Side Part + Pompadour Hairstyle For Men + Drop Fade

By criztofferson

Super cool haircut. Side part pompadour, drop fade, with disconnected beard.

Tapered Medium Length Side Part Haircut

By Matty Conrad

A nice clean taper haircut. Side part but with hair styled back. A classic medium length men’s haircut.

Natural Flow + Low Fade + Disconnected Beard

By electricbarbering

A super natural looking haircut with longer fringe, low fade and disconnected beard.

Medium Length Men’s Haircut For Curly Hair

By franchobarber

Big curls trimmed down nice and neat. Looking cool with a high skin fade.

Medium Length Tapered Haircut + Long Fringe

By tombaxter_hair

A great looking tapered haircut for men with a long fringe in the front styled up and back.

Modern Undercut Hairstyle For Men

By menpeluqueros

I call this a modern undercut. Not a traditional undercut with shaved sides but a super clean high fade and some great looking medium hair on top styled back all natural.

Textured Haircut For Wavy Hair + High Fade

By raduvitca

A great looking haircut for guys that have wavy hair or thick hair. Medium length textures perfectly blended into a high skin fade. Love this cut.

Medium Length Flow

By luiiisc_

A wonderful all scissor cut haircut. Tonnes of natural flow.

Medium Length Men’s Haircut For Curly Hair

By thefacelessbarber

Another awesome haircut for guys that have curly hair. A nicely trimmed and tapered haircut.

Natural Curls + High Fade

By Pat Regan

A clean high skin fade with natural curls on top.

Textured Medium Hair + Taper Fade

By Leeroy The Barber

Curly textured hair on top and a perfect taper fade.

Long Fringe + Natural Movement + Mid Fade

By luiiisc_

Totally cool haircut. Mid fade. Longer Fringe. Side part.

Super Clean Cut Natural Curls + Mid Fade

By franchobarber

A beautifully sculpted rounded flat top with a mid skin fade.

Men’s Haircut For Thick Hair + High Fade

By xbigwesx

A great looking classic men’s haircut in a medium length with a mid skin fade.

So, there you have it, 20 great looking medium length haircuts for guys.

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