20 Popular Haircuts For Men 2021

In honor of the new year, here are our upcoming style predictions. This collection of the 20 most popular haircuts for men and men’s hairstyles includes all the latest trends as we head into 2021.

This selection of new haircuts and hairstyles for guys there are options that work for all hair types and lengths.

The barbers and hairdressers featured in this post totally killed it with these fresh men’s haircuts. Amazing work.

The most popular men’s hair trends for 2021 are going to be:

  • New takes on old classics
  • Messy textured hairstyles
  • Creative necklines
  • French crops

Lets take a look starting with some short haircuts and moving along to longer hair haircut styles.

1. Modern Classics

Atman Barber Studio – Javi the BarberEdgar Davis Deronde VTrevor Moots

Classic men’s hair never goes out of style. And now, we’re going to see more classic looks with a modern twist. Instead of replicating the greaser pomp, wear hair matte with some loose strands. If your go-to look is a quiff, add some wide comb marks and a low fade.

The always popular undercut can also be worn as a high fade. Update that Don Draper shiny slick back with some loose texture. These are just a few ways to add a new twist to old favorites. Change up the sheen, texture, and sides of any classic hair to create your own look.

2. Natural Texture

Isaiah HernandezMari de MonteIsaiah HernandezTommy Ransom

Textured styling was a huge trend in in past years and will continue this year. This time, the texture is a little more natural and messy. Pretty much take your favorite style and finish it off by running fingers through hair for a tousled finish. For guys with super straight hair, try a texturizing pomade to help achieve this piecey look.

This texture works with modern pompadours, fringe hairstyles, the spiky quiff, and even a burst fade mohawk. Add it to any hairstyle for short, medium and long hair.

3. New Necklines for Men

Austin WilkersonAustin WilkersonDencio AguilarDani Master

It started with the V-shaped neckline in 2018 and keeps getting more creative. Maybe it’s a reaction to all those blurry fades but instead of being seamless, necklines in right now are designed to stand out.

A few cool necklines for men are leaving hair short and natural, with that piecey texture we just talked about. Or use that fade to create a piece of art. Or for the complete opposite of a fade, the blocked neckline is a different crisp finish. And finally, a new way to wear the V, half blurry and half straight.

4. Crop Top

Abbas the BarberAtman Barber StudioHayden Cassidy HairNdale Rodriguez

Another look that will continue to gain popularity this year is the French crop aka the textured crop aka the crop fade. Crop top? Anyway, there are infinite ways to wear this look. You need some type of fringe, some type of texture, and some type of fade. Add some color, shaved lines, or asymmetry if you like.

The crop is one of those cuts that works for all hair types. For wavy hair or curly hair and thick hair, the crop highlights both texture and fullness. For thin and fine hair, the textured top and faded sides can help hair appear thicker.

5. Cool Hairstyles for Black Men

TribbSerge YannickJody TaylorCutt Boss

Some of the upcoming trends for black men are also modern classics and more texture. For short hair, waves are so popular, whether they are 360 waves or worn with faded side. Here’s how to make waves and the best pomade for waves.

Locs and braids are also back in a big way. This undercut with short dreadlocks pushed to one side is a modern way to style this classic look. Braid hairstyles can also be in your basic Coolio style or as creative as you like. Last but not least enhance natural texture with a curl sponge for this cool blowout or to do something different with your regular look.

So there you have it 20 popular haircuts for men and cool new men’s hairstyles to kick off 2021.

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