Side Part Haircuts

Whether you want a classic or modern look, side part haircuts are a flattering choice. This versatile style can be as clean cut or bold as you like.

If you’re looking for an easy to style haircut for men, try a side part. The comb over fade practically styles itself. Taper haircuts or medium length hair also requires styling at the sides but it’s still simple.

On top, go matte for a classic look, shiny for a retro finish or add lots of height and texture to be on point for 2018. For something different, add some defined waves or even a side quiff.

Check out these pictures for 21 different ways to wear side part haircuts.

1. Side Part Hairstyle

Side Part Haircuts

Alan Beak

This classic side part hairstyle with a taper haircut is son point for 2018. Medium length hair on top is loosely swept back and divided by a side part. Longer hair on top creates a natural disconnect.

2. Comb Over + Waves

Alan Beak

This comb over fade haircut is styled into ocean-inspired waves.

3. Medium Length Hair

Sam Wines

Model and Man of Style Sam Wines wears his medium length hair in a side part that is styled loosely with texture.

4. Low Fade Haircut

Jarreds Barbers

Mix and match various components of men’s hair to create your own unique look. This cool style features a classic side part, on trend low fade and modern matte pomp.

5. Ivy League Hairstyle

Cameron Tooyserkani

This is on the longer side of the Ivy League but it fits the bill as a short haircut with a side part. It is swept back with plenty of volume and a matte finish.

6. Side Part + Quiff

Stephen J.

A defined side part adds a defined cut element to messy or clean cut hair.

7. Side Part Pompadour

Mike Thomas

The pompadour looks great with and without a side part.

8. Disconnect Hairstyle + Hard Part

Don’s Cuts

This shaved line creates a hard part in this disconnect haircut.

9. Side Part for Thick Hair

Ballester Barbershop

A shaved part adds a bold contrast to a blurry fade and soft style.

10. Side Part Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Julius Cvesar

The side part haircut works for wavy and curly hair too. A shaved part eliminates the need to physically part hair every morning. Just work in some product for hold.

11. Classic Men’s Hair

Ballester Barbershop

A side part breaks up this timeless slicked back style worn with a modern beard.

12. Slick Hair + Fade


A mid fade updates this Clark Kent hairstyle.

13. Long on Top, Short Sides and Back Haircut

Rum Barber

The side part works really well for a longer on top, short sides and back haircut. Another option is to style hair striaght back.

14. Comb Over Hairstyle


A combination of height and texture in this cool comb over hairstyle makes hair appear much longer and fuller.

15. Wave Hairstyle

John Carmona

One of the ways barbers are innovating is with new shapes. These cool waves add a distinctive shape to the texture trend.

16. Slicked Back Hair

who is elijah

Model Stephen James contrast classic greaser style of slick hair and a leather jacket with 21st century piercings and tattoos.

 17. Comb Over + Quiff

Zach Ramsey

This comb over hairstyle changes direction into a quiff at the hairline.

18. Comb Over Hairstyle


A side part lends itself to a comb over hairstyle, styling hair opposite the part.

19.  Natural Waves

Juan Lopez

A fine shaved part adds structure to this natural wavy style.

20. Side Quiff

Braid Barbers

This bold look takes the comb over to the next level with plenty of volume.

21. Burst Fade Haircut

Juan Lopez

This high volume textured style contrasts with a defined part and burst fade behind the year.