25+ Cool Men’s Haircuts

By Rich Krafting


It is nearly Summer so time to pick out a cool new haircut. Here is a collection of 25 cool men’s haircuts and fresh looks coming out of the best barbershops around the world.

This gallery of cool men’s haircuts includes a variety of fade haircuts, short haircuts, medium length haircuts, classic men’s haircuts, undercuts, textured looks, spiky men’s haircuts, crop and quiff haircuts.

Find your next haircut and stay fresh!

Modern Side Part Haircut + Hair Design

medium length mens haircut with hair design

By r.braid

This is a great haircut for guys that have thicker hair. Hair is styled into a side part. The haircut features a cool hair design in a high fade. Hair on top is textured and cut at a medium length.

Short Textured Undercut + Disconnected Beard

textured undercut for men

By Mikey

A cool looking undercut hairstyle for men. Loose natural flow hair on top. Longer fringe in the front.

Medium Length Side Part Haircut

cutscoolcats medium length mens haircut

By cutscoolcats

This is a great looking medium length haircut with plenty of natural flow and movement.

Short Textured Haircut + Surgical Part

javi_thebarber_ surgical part short mens haircut

By javi_thebarber

A slick looking short textured quiff haircut for guys with thick hair. This mid fade has a surgical part separating the two lengths of the fade area.

Textured Crop Haircut + High Fade

tombaxter_hair textured crop haircut high fade mens hairstyle

By tombaxter_hair

A killer short haircut. A high fade crop haircut with textured hair on top that can be styled in a neat or messy way.

Medium Length Men’s Haircut + Drop Fade

mikes_custom_kuts low fade messy pompadour long fringe

By mikes_custom_kuts

Messy natural medium length haircuts for men have been popular the past few years. Here is a great looking messy pompadour hairstyle. Great looking drop fade.

Short Classic Men’s Haircut + Simple Hair Design

igorviniciusbarber short haircut for men with hair design

By igorviniciusbarber

A classic, simple men’s haircut styled into a pompadour up front.

Side Part Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

r.braid side part pompadour haircut

By r.braid

Totally cool side part pompadour hairstyle. Perfect low skin fade.

Cool Messy Men’s Haircut

mikes_custom_kuts cool low fade haircut messy long hair on top

By mikes_custom_kuts

This is a great look for guys that have thick hair. The messy hair on top is let loose to flow and show off some natural movement. Nicely contrasted with bald fade and disconnected beard.

Short Men’s Haircut + Cool Neck Design

barber.josh.o.p cool neck design mens haircut

By barber.josh.o.p

Barber Josh O’meara-Patel is the master at precision neck designs. This one is totally awesome and looks great with a short textured haircut.

Mohawk Fade + Cool Design

andyauthentic mohawk fade and hair design

By andyauthentic

Super clean skin fade and hair design offsetting a cool mohawk fade haircut.

Simple Classic Undercut

hairbymikebernstein undercut hairstyle for men brushed back

By hairbymikebernstein

A great looking classic men’s undercut hairstyle brushed back. Use a matte pomade, work a small amount into wet or slightly damp hair. Use a blow dryer and hair brush to style back into place.

Cool Spiky Mohawk Haircut + Bald Fade

barberobengie spiky modern fohawk haircut for men

By barberobengie

Spiky haircuts for men are totally in again. This is a great looking bald fade with hair design that contrasts with the spiky medium length hair on top.

Short Haircut + Killer Hair Design

ricanbarber_ short mens haircut with freestyle hair design

By ricanbarber_

Very cool tag style hair design worked into a short haircut.

Undercut Hairstyle For Thick or Wavy Hair

xbigwesx cool undercut hairstyle for men with thick hair

By xbigwesx

Undercuts look great on men with thick or wavy hair. Here is a great example. Nice contrast with the disconnected beard.

Side Part Pompadour Hairstyle

odyzzeuz side part pompadour mens haircut

By odyzzeuz

A cool looking half pompadour half fohawk haircut with a hard part and bald fade.

Textured Fohawk + Low Fade

mikes_custom_kuts low fade spiky mens haircut

By mikes_custom_kuts

A versatile easy to style short haircut for guys. A great Summer haircut.

Bald Undercut / Crop Haircut

r.braid textured crop quiff haircut for men

By r.braid

If you have a lot of tats than this haircut could work for you.

Quiff Haircut + Surgical Part

tombaxter_hair textured quiff haircut and surgical part

By tombaxter_hair

Quiff haircuts for men are still super popular. A perfectly blended high and low fade split by a surgical part.

Cool Haircut For Wavy Hair + Low Fade

criztofferson cool haircut for curly hair men

By criztofferson

A very popular haircut this year. It features a low fade perfectly blended into a medium or longer length of hair on top. Styled in a loose side part comb over.

Medium Length Textured Undercut

odyzzeuz messy haircut for men

By odyzzeuz

Another great looking undercut with textured hair on top. This time the hair on top is a bit longer and messier.

Curly Hair Mohawk Fade Haircut

cutsbywatts curly hairstyle for men mohawk fade

By cutsbywatts

If you have curly hair you should try out this haircut. The Loose curls look amazing in contrast to this temple/mohawk fade.

Side Part Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

jenegafpas cool long fringe pompadour haircut for men

By jenegafpas

Awesome long fringe side part pompadour  with mid fade.

The Classic Short Men’s Haircut + Bald Fade

hairbymikebernstein low fade short mens haircut quiff

By hairbymikebernstein

This classic men’s haircut is never going to go out of style. Always cool, always great looking.

Killer Mohawk Fade Haircut

jmdabarber killer mohawk fade haircut

By jmdabarber

Super clean hair design and a great looking mohawk.

So, there you have it our latest cool men’s haircuts. Be sure to take a look at our other quick browse men’s haircut galleries for more inspiration and haircut ideas.

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