175+ Short Haircuts For Men: Latest Styles For 2023

By Matt V


Short haircuts are the go-to for most guys. Leaving the barber with a clean and fresh look is super satisfying. Our newest update features all-new, super cool short haircuts for men. Update your style with a men’s haircut that will get noticed and feel great.

Short haircuts can include anything from a couple of millimeters to a couple of inches long. Hair can look and feel even shorter, a type of fade at the sides. Or leave sides short but not shaved with a taper or taper fade. As far as styles go, short hair can be classic, trendy, or even trendsetting. It’s up to you.

Here are 175 pictures of the most popular types of short haircut styles. Starting with the shortest, there are plenty of ways to wear short fades, textured looks, and classic men’s haircuts. If none of those work for you, keep scrolling for short haircuts that suit specific hair types, including thick, Black, curly, wavy, Asian, and thin hair.

The Best Men’s Short Haircuts

Scroll down to get into the most popular short haircuts for men in greater detail and to understand how to style them. But first, let’s list your options for a quick understanding of the different styles you can get.

These are the haircuts you can ask your barber to cut for you.

  • Buzz cut
  • Shaved head + faded sides
  • Short taper fade haircut
  • Very short men’s haircut with a low fade, mid fade, or high fade
  • Short haircut with a hard part
  • Line up short haircut
  • Short spiky haircut
  • Short messy haircut
  • Textured crop haircut – short hair
  • French crop haircut – short hair
  • Crop fade
  • High and tight
  • Crew cut
  • Short comb over fade
  • Classic side part haircut – short hair
  • Short quiff haircut
  • Mohawk fade
  • Faux hawk – short hair
  • 360 waves haircut

Even short hair needs to be styled. For buzz cuts, all you need to do is take care of hair with a good shampoo and maybe conditioner too. Added moisture is more important if you plan to grow hair longer. Do use it for hair longer than half an inch. Other than that, the key is finding the right pomade for your hair type.

Faded, Shaved, + Very Short Haircut Styles

These are all variations on the popular buzz cut – fade combination. Many have a shape up to create a square hairline but that is optional. Anything goes for the fade from the lowest taper fade up to a high skin fade and everything in between. If that’s not enough, add a hard part or some shaved lines.

1. The Buzz Cut

Short haircuts for men - the buzz cut
Kevin Luchmun

While the buzz cut started with the military but it can be a high fashion look too.

2. Short Taper Fade Haircut

Men's short haircuts - taper fade haircut

Style up that buzz cut with a line up and taper fade.

3. Short Low Fade Haircut

Short hairstyles for men - low fade haircut
Jose Crespo

This cool Caesar haircut contrasts the line of blunt fringe with blurry low fade.

4. Short Mid Fade Haircut

Very short fade haircuts - the mid fade and lineup hair
Fade Junky

Same haircut but with a higher fade and shaped beard.

5. Short High Fade Haircut

Short high fade haircut with hair design
Jordan – Roots Barber Co.

This fade cuts the sides short up high and adds some artistic shaved lines.

6. Short Skin Fade Haircut

Short hair and skin fade haircut
Mātū Barber Company

This high skin fade creates a more stylish, less severe version of the jarhead lid haircut.

7. Hard Part Haircut

Hard part haircut
Wesley Moura

A short and diagonal shaved part in a buzz cut.

8. Line Up + Shaved Lines

line up haircut
Michael Kelly

A line up and shaved lines with a longer buzz cut style, which is still very short.

Textured, Spiky + Messy Haircuts

This section features the hottest hair trends – textured haircuts. These looks are cut and styled to enhance piecey texture that looks great and helps hair appear thicker. These looks can be styled spiky, messy, or loosely for different looks from the same haircut. Some of these styles are the popular French crop aka crop haircut aka textured crop, but not all. The sides can be faded or undercut.

9. Short Spiky Hair for Men

Short Spiky Hair for Men
Anthony Giannotti

This cool short spiky cut and style is trendy and timeless at the same time. The bottom line is that it looks good.

10. Short Messy Hair for Men

Short messy mens hairstyles
Andrew Does Hair

Textured and messy spikes with an edge.

11. Short Textured Haircut + Undercut

short undercut for men
Ryan Cullen

This cool disconnected undercut style is more texture than spikes with a hint of a quiff.

12. Short Mohawk Fade Haircut

short mohawk fade
Michael Kelly

This short haircut reads like a wide mohawk with a temple meets burst fade and tousled texture.

13. French Crop

French crop haircut
Wes Staucet

Here’s yet another cool way to wear the French crop aka textured crop aka crop haircut aka crop fade. Precision texture creates smooth waves and one shark tooth.

14. Textured Crop

textured crop haircut
Michael Kelly

This heavy crop is a cool and flattering way to wear thick and/or wavy hair. Layers remove bulk and bring out texture for a full but lightweight style.

15. Crop Fade Haircut

crop fade haircut
Mātū Barber Company

This version of the crop fade transforms wavy hair into short spikes with blunt fringe.

16. Short Spiky Haircut

short spiky hair
Jordan – Roots Barber Co.

This short spiky hairstyle lets everyone know that you mean business.

17. Blonde Hair for Men

blonde hair for men

Silver blonde hair color adds to the appeal of this short and messy spikes.

18. Messy + Spiky Hair

trendy hair men
Los Star

Those retro vertical spikes with visible gel have been replaced by this modern spiky crew cut fade with a snaking line that ends in a brow slash and beard fade. Can you handle this much look?

Classic Short Sides, Longer Top Haircuts

All of these classic short men’s haircuts feature that winning combination of short sides with longer hair on top. It’s longer but definitely still short. The shorter hair is on sides, the shorter hair is on top. Even at this length, hair can be styled into a crew cut, comb over, or even a quiff.

19. High + Tight Haircut

high and tight haircut
Barber Greg

With a blurry fade and touch of product, this no-nonsense high and tight haircut has plenty of style.

20. Crew Cut

crew cut fade
Jordan – Roots Barber Co.

The crew cut is a type of short haircut that is longer at the forehead and gets shorter towards the crown. Here’s a modern one with textured styling and a sweet drop fade.

21. Short Comb Over Fade

short comb over fade
Jordan – Roots Barber Co.

The comb over fade is one of the most popular haircuts for men because it looks so good and is so easy to style. This version skips the side part.

22. Short Hair With Beard

short hair with beard men
Michael Kelly

You can make any haircut work with a beard. The key is the transition between hair and facial hair. Instead of connecting them at the side burns, this low fade separates them.

23. Short Quiff Haircut

quiff haircut
A the Barb

The quiff hairstyle features a bump of volume at the forehead. It looks great on everyone and doesn’t need as much length as a pompadour.

24. Short Haircut for Older Men

short hair for older men

Okay, this guy is more gray than old but it’s a flattering haircut for guys of all ages. The crew cut is styled into a quiff that helps this thin, fine hair type appear thicker.

25. Short Taper Haircut

short taper haircut
Jack Robinson Pullen

Many short haircuts for men are fades but certainly not all. This classic men’s haircut is tapered all over with a taper fade at the sideburns and neckline that grow in clean.

26. Spiky Quiff

spiky quiff haircut
Glassbox Barbershop

This classic meets modern style add some spikes to the quiff.

Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

These cool short haircuts simultaneously tame and highlight thick hair. The contrast of faded sides show how thick hair is while eliminating the possibility of hair sticking straight out. Most of these looks are clean enough for work and cool enough for play. Or for something a little different, try a short mohawk fade with a strip of hair down to the neckline.

27. Heavy Crop Haircut

crop haircut for thick hair men
Wes Staucet

The crop fade is an ideal haircut for thick hair because it showcases hairs fullness while lightweight.

28. High and Tight for Thick Hair

high and tight for thick hair men
Cole Buerkle

A drop fade and ultra thick hair make this high and tight more modern than military.

29. Business Haircuts for Thick Hair

business haircuts for thick hair men
Matt J.

The classic quiff and clean fade make this cut suitable at work and play.

30. Wide Mohawk Fade

Wide Mohawk Fade

Some mohawks are narrow and long but this look is just as cool and much easier to wear with a wide cut and short spikes.

31. Burst Fade Haircut

Burst Fade Haircut
Wes Staucet

Here’s another look at a similar wide mohawk and how it tapers into a pointed V at the back.

Short Haircuts for Wavy + Curly Hair

All of these haircuts should work for guys with wavy and or hair. The cuts are short but have enough length to reveal texture. Some are more conventional while other skew trendy.

32. High Fade Haircut For Wavy Hair

High Fade Haircut for Wavy Hair
Wes Staucet

There are a number of short quiff haircuts on this page and here’s another with some added volume and texture from wavy hair.

33. Wavy Crop Haircut

Wavy Crop Haircut
Mario Escajeda

The crop haircut was made for wavy and curly hair types. This artful cut is short all over with a few longer strands of curls.

34. Business Haircut for Wavy Hair

Business Haircut for Wavy Hair
Michael Kelly

Yet another classic quiff, this version layers curly hair to add texture and volume in a cool yet professional hairstyle.

35. Curly Crop Fade Haircut

Curly Crop Fade Haircut
Barber Denis

Here’s a fresh new way to wear the high top with curly texture and a fade that drops down.

36. Curly Fade Haircut

Curly Fade Haircut
Brady Adam

Curls up top, a fade below, and a shaved V in between.

37. Curly Mohawk Fade

Curly Mohawk Fade

The mohawk fade makes short hair seem longer but just adds length at the neckline and in this case, a V-cut.

Short Haircuts for Black Men

Here are some cool short haircuts for black men that don’t shave hair off but are also short enough not to need a lot of extra moisturizing and styling. From wolfed waves to short curls, these looks show off natural texture.

38. 360 Waves

360 Waves
Vic Blends

Waves haircuts are cool because it takes some length to get the waves but hair is still close cropped.

39. Waves + Fade

Wave Haircut With Fade
Tito Valentino

This medium-high fade turns those 360 waves into 180 waves.

40. High Fade Haircut

High Fade Haircut Black Men
Tariq Nevar

If these short curls with a drop fade are good enough for former LA Clipper Wes Johnson, they’re good enough for you.

41. Short Haircut With Beard

Short Haircut With Black Beard
A the Barb

This precision beard fade creates a seamless transition between short curls and dense beard.

42. Short Taper Fade For Black Hair

black taper fade haircut
A the Barb

Here’s a short blowout haircut with a medium taper fade.

Short Haircuts for Fine + Thin Hair

These short haircuts look good and help fine or thin hair appear thicker. The key is short sides that make hair on top look fuller in comparison. If hair is thinning, a very short haircut will minimize the effect against a skin fade. Otherwise, about an inch of length and some styling, volume and texture is the key to fuller-looking locks. A quiff, crop, and comb over are all flattering choices.

43. Shaved Sides + Short Top

fade haircut for thin hair

The high skin fade combined with extra length and volume at the forehead makes thin or fine hair look thicker.

44. High And Tight For Thin Hair

High And Tight For Thin Hair
Good Barbers

Before considering the cue ball style, try a high skin fade. Whether hair is fine, thin, or thinning, the contrast between nothing and something makes hair appear more substantial.

45. Quiff Haircut For Fine Hair

Haircut For Fine Hair
Jordan – Roots Barber Co.

Almost two inches of length at the forehead is enough to style a quiff without weighing fine hair down with product.

46. Textured Crop Haircut For Fine Hair

Crop Haircut For Fine Hair
Peter McKenna

Piecey texture is another way to help fine hair look thicker and fuller. Try it with a textured crop or spiky style.

47. Comb Over Fade For Fine Hair

Fade For Fine Hair
Diana Pour

For fine hair, shorter styles can help hair look fuller.

Short Haircuts for Asian Hair

Nice to see you here at the bottom of the page. Asian hair may be last, but it is certainly not least. These short haircuts for Asian men are five cool ways to tame coarseness while showing off thick hair. For guys with wide cheeks or round faces, the shaved sides and height at the hairline help the face appear longer.

48. High Skin Fade Haircut

short haircut for Asian men
Jason Arriesgado

This high and tight with a drop fade is a cool wash-and-wear haircut, especially if for thick and/or coarse hair. This version has a touch of product to enhance texture.

49. Drop Fade + Line Up Haircut

short fade haircut for Asian men
Dencio Aguilar

This fresh look contrasts a line of thick, blunt fringe with a blurry drop fade.

50. Drop Fade Haircut

Best Haircut for Asian Men
Omar Gadier

The arc of a drop fade looks cool with every haircut.

51. Short Quiff Haircut For Asian Men

Short Spiky Hair for Asian Men
12F Barbershop

This faux hawk-quiff hybrid can also be styled spikier or quiffier.

52. Hard Part Haircut

Side Part Hair for Asian Men
Arielle Cuyuga

This cool style adds volume and a shaved part to the always popular combover fade.

Bonus Short Haircuts For Guys

53. Short Sides, Long on Top Haircut

Short Sides, Long on Top

Cameron Tooyserkani

This short sides, longer on top haircut is a cool and clean cut look. Styled with some texture on San Jose Shark Dylan Gambrell, it could be also be worn with a side part for a more conservative workplace.

54. Men’s Short Fade Haircut

Men's Short Fade Haircut

Cameron Tooyserkani

Fade haircuts cut the sides and back of hair ultra short or down to the skin. This skin fade makes short hair appear even thicker and fuller while creating a canvas for a subtle hair design at the temple.

55. Short Waves Haircut + Waves

Michael Kelly

A waves haircut shows off curly texture in a very short haircut. A line up and sideburn fade clean up the edges.

56. Men’s Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Men's Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Jeremy Wexler Hair

Short haircuts can make thick hair easier to style. This cool cut removes weight while adding texture. Work a dab of a medium hold, low shine product between palms and rub through hair and style with fingers.

57. Short Stylish Men’s Haircuts

Short Stylish Men's Haircuts

Chris Jones

This fresh style features forward fringe cut into two intersecting curves. Maintain the shape with a matte product combed through hair.

58. Cool Short Haircuts For Men

Cool Short Haircuts For Men

Wes Staucet

This cool short haircut for men is ready for work or a night out on the town. Longer hair at the forehead is swept over to one side but could also be spiked up into a faux hawk or quiff. Try a product like Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade for hold without shine.

59. Short Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair

Short Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair

Andrew Does Hair

The best short haircuts for curly hair enhance hair’s natural texture. This high fade haircut styled with messy texture is great choice for summer but looks great all year round. Try a curl cream or sea salt spray to define curl and minimize frizz. A great new fade haircut for you to get this year.

60. Short Curly Haircuts For Men

Short Curly Haircuts For Men

Justin Armani

While faded sides can make curly hair easier to wear, these short sides reveal some texture while looking great. A little bit of extra length at the front can be styled into a quiff. Try a creamy pomade like Imperial Fiber Pomade.

61. Short Haircuts For Older Men

Corey Powell

You’re never to young or old to be stylish. This classic short haircut for men with modern styling works for men of all ages but is especially distinguished with streaks of silver. Gray hair looks best with matte hair products and with a gray-specific shampoo that uses blue and purple hues to counteract yellow tones.

62. Men’s Short Haircuts With Beards

Antonio Mateo

Hairstyles for beards can either echo or contrast what’s happening with facial hair. This cool look does the latter with thick wavy texture on top and a short, groomed beard.

63. Men’s Short Textured Haircut

John Carmona

This textured haircut is enhanced by styling with a shake of styling powder like American Crew Boost Powder worked through hair with fingers and then brushed with a wide tooth comb.

64. Short Textured Men’s Haircut

Short Textured Men's Haircut

Conor Taaffe

An edgy and bolder version of the crop trend, this style is all about texture.

65. Popular Men’s Short Haircuts

Popular Men's Short Haircuts

Ballester Barbershop

This short textured cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men. It works with thick and wavy hair and the subtle quiff is flattering for everyone.

66. Men’s Short Layered Haircut

Wes Staucet

This layered cut creates cool dimension and texture in a lightweight, easy to style look.

67. Really Short Men’s Haircut

Really Short Men's Haircuts

Javi the Barber

This buzz cut with a high fade is very short and very simple but effective. The bald fade lines up with the hairline and makes hair appear fuller even though it’s a one length all over buzz cut.

68. Modern Textured Short Crop Men’s Haircut

Modern Short Men's Haircuts

Tom Baxter Hair

There are so many different ways to wear the textured crop trend. This modern version features plenty of layering and fringe styled into an off-center V.

69. Men’s Short Quiff Haircut For Fine Hair

Men's Short Haircuts For Fine Hair

Tom Baxter Hair

This short haircut for fine hair has a few elements that make hair appear thicker. First, hair on top look fuller next to skin faded sides. Second, longer hair at the front can be styled into a spiky quiff. Last, texture makes hair look thicker. Try a pomade like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream to get the look.

70. Short Haircuts For Balding Men

Short Haircuts For Balding Men

Alex the Barber 305

The Caesar haircut with blunt fringe and short sides is a flattering and classic option for balding men because it minimizes the appearance of a receding hairline and bald spot. This updated version is even better with plenty of texture and faded sides.

71. Short Haircuts For Men With Straight Hair

Andrew Does Hair

This classic men’s haircut is a look that has never gone out of  style. It is worn here with some tousled volume but can also be worn clean cut for work.

72. Super Short Men’s Haircuts

Super Short Men's Haircuts

Angel Raws

A buzz cut with a fade is as short as it gets with lots of style.

73. Trendy Short Haircuts For Men

Trendy Short Haircuts For Men

Travis Hill

This cool short haircut adds texture and wave to straight hair or enhances your natural texture.

74. Men’s Short Haircuts For Receding Hairlines

Men's Short Haircuts For Receding Hairlines

Andrew Does Hair

For a receding hairline, you want to go short but not too short. This cut makes the most of thick hair by keeping some weight all over and adding messy texture. Piecey fringe softens the high forehead without trying to hide anything. This is a great example of a haircut for high foreheads of the first phases of hair loss. Don’t go right to the buzz. There are lots of ways to minimize the appearance of thinning hair as well as ways to slow or stop hair loss.

75. Short Haircuts For Black Men’s Hair

Short Haircuts For Black Men's Hair

Haven the Groomer

This cool short haircut for black men with enough length to create a subtle rounded profile. A temple fade transitions right into a short beard.

76. Thick Hair Haircut + Short Sides

Men's Haircuts For Short Thick Hair

Dylan Fenton

This short haircut for thick hair cuts out weight and enhances texture. It can be worn like this or messier.

77. Men’s Short Messy Haircuts

Men's Short Messy Haircuts

Ballester Barbershop

The texture trend is bringing back messy, tousled hairstyles. Just work a pomade through hair and pinch small sections of hair together with fingers to get the look.

78. Classic Short Men’s Haircut Slicked Back + Taper Fade

mozambeak_and slicked back taper fade

Haircut by Reece Beak

If you love the slick look, but don’t want all that length, this is the cut and style for you. Hair is no longer than 2″ on top and styled straight back with a natural finish. A tape up around the hairline completes the clean cut style.

79. Modern Crew Cut

klipperinstinct_and very short with fringe textures

Haircut by Keller

This military-inspired cut is updated with faded temples that blend into a short beard. The top is a little bit longer than regulation but short enough for easy styling. Just work product through hair and push hair forward from the back, pulling hair along the forehead straight up.

80. Spiky Flat Top Haircut

nievesedu_and high fade and short spikes

Haircut by Nieves Almaraz

Spikes with plenty of defined texture are back this year. Wear them with a burst fade for this modern version.

81. Messy Crop Undercut Haircut

markthebarber_and blurry fade and messy crop

Haircut by Mark Marrero

Even without a lot of length on top, there are plenty of fresh styling options. This is working the textured fringe trend that works hair forward of the forehead with loosely defined comb marks.

82. Super Short + Clean Men’s Haircut

stevetrujillo_and short mens haircut super clean fade

Haircut by Steve Trujillo

For a no effort, no nonsense cut there is always the buzz. With a blurry mid fade and line up beard, don’t try this at home.

83. Short Pompadour Haircut

nickthebarber_and high fade short pompadour

Haircut by Nick The Barber

The sick pomp gets plenty of height without growing hair long by styling hair vertically with rounded edges. A high undercut keeps length on the top of the head while a razor part and line up add defined angles.

84. Clean Taper + Sponge Curls

patty_cuts_and short hair sponge curls

Haircut by Pat Regan

With tight curls, just a little bit of length is enough to see hair’s texture. A quick taper around the hairline cleans up the edges all around.

85. Short Textured Haircut

morrismotley_and short textures

Haircut by Morris Motley

This longer on top, ultra short sides is a cut that works for all face shapes, enhancing the jawline. This textured and tousled look toes the line between slick and messy, for the ultimate cool.

86. Bald Fade + Curly Hair On Top

zeke_the_barber_and bald fade with a curly top mens haircut

Haircut by Zeke

For low maintenance curls, a longer on top, short sides and back cut is the way to go. This cool cut styles curls on top while eliminating the sides with a high razor fade.

87. Texturized Taper Haircut

valentinhorta_and texturized taper haircut

Haircut by Valentin Horta

Cutting hair short doesn’t mean you have to skip product altogether. Just a dab of a matte paste adds texture and a uniform direction to this crewcut.

88. Spiky Crop Haircut + Disconnected Beard

ryancullenhair_and crop haircut with spiky textures

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

This bang and beard combo is not your usual cut or style. With textured volume at the back and straight cross fringe, it is an exercise in contrasts. A high-low fade and angled sideburn complete this fashion forward look.

89. High Taper Fade Haircut Short Curly Hair

pjabreu_and burst fade

Haircut by Pedro Abreu

A temple fade down to the skin on both sides creates an ultra wide mohawk profile. The forehead is lined up straight while the neckline is cut in an arc.

90. Super Short Crop Haircut

thegentlemanbarbers_and super short crop haircut men

Haircut by The Gentleman Barbers

Add style to that ultra short cut with straight across bangs, spikes on top and a low skin fade.

91. Clean Taper Fade + Waves

criztofferson_and waves and taper fade haircut

Haircut by criztofferson

Break up those those 360 degree waves with a temple fade. Create an ultra clean cut style with a line up that seamlessly blends with the beard.

92. Texture and Spikes

deakinandwhite_and cool textures short haircut

Haircut by Deakin And White

For a unique but on trend style, this look adds texture while pulling hair in towards the center from the sides and back. The front is spiked up for that classic and flattering height.

93. Men’s Short Fade Haircut + Side Part

Short side part haircut for men
Viroga’s Barber

This is a great looking modern side part haircut for men. The high fade is super clean on the sides, with the long end of short hair combed over to the side up top. This can be a business haircut but it’s also as cool as your attitude and outfit.

94. Very Short Haircut For Men

Very short men's haircut with side part
Pat Regan

This buzz, fade with line up combination is one of the most popular short men’s haircuts, especially for black hair. It’s sharp, clean-cut, and requires no styling at all, just regular barber visits for upkeep. This cut is often seen on athletes but also plenty of other active and busy guys who don’t have time to worry about hair.

95. Men’s Short Messy Haircut + High Fade

Messy short haircut for men with high fade
Iisakki Nummi

This messy-spiky style is perfect for guys with thick or coarse hair. The cut has plenty of shape and can be styled like this with a texturizing pomade. Just pull hair where you want it to go. Messy isn’t the way to style this haircut. Try out different products and looks.

96. Men’s Short Textured Haircut + High Fade

Short men's haircut with textured hair and high fade
Agus Barber

The latest men’s hair trends are all about texture and these short spikes fit the bill. Use a matte hair product to separate hair and add volume. A low skin fade completes the fresh look. A secret product to enhance texture is salt spray. The ocean-like solution clumps here together in a flattering way. Use it on its own for fine to regular hair or along with pomade for thicker locks.

97. Short Crop Haircut + High Skin Fade

Crop haircut short hair men
Glenn McGoldrick

The textured crop is one of the top trending haircuts for men, first in the United Kingdom and Europe and now stateside too. This short version features blunt fringe, layers and texture on top, and a high skin fade for a new way to rock the always popular disconnected hairstyle.

98. Buzz Cut + Line Up

Buzz cut and fresh line up
Van Campbell

A shape up at the hairline adds straight edges that sharpen up any buzz cut. Rock the look with a fade or taper at the neckline. Hair on top also looks great in waves.

99. Modern Men’s Short Undercut / Crop Haircut

Modern short undercut haircut for men
Chris Barbercode

This is a cool men’s short haircut for summer and the rest of the year too. It is a short textured crop haircut with blunt fringe, a skin fade, and pair of shaved lines. The look is designed to make a statement and that it does.

100. Stylish Short Haircut For Men

Stylish short haircut for men
Dencio Aguilar

This short sides, longer top cut is a versatile and stylish short haircut for thick hair. Wear it with fringe like above, add spikes, or even a side part.

101. Classic Men’s Short Haircuts – The Crew Cut

Classic men's short haircut
Rockstars Barbers & Coffee

This modern take on the crew cut is a fresh way to wear the short and classic men’s haircut. The forehead has some length that is pulled up into a short quiff while the sides and back feature a high skin fade.

102. Short Haircut For Men With Wavy Hair + Beard

Short haircut for men with wavy hair
Eddie Rosado

Instead of texture all over, this cool style features longer hair at the hairline spiked up into a modern quiff. This cut could also be combed over for a more formal look or worn loose. The blurry fade transitions into a geometrically shaped beard.

103. The Quiff -> Short Haircut For Thick Hair

Short quiff haircut for men

Short hair with lots of layers gives hair shape and makes it easy to style. This look is cut to enhance texture with some extra length at the hairline for styling. This type of crop can lighten up thick hair and help fine or thinning hair appear thicker.

104. Short Spiky Haircut

Short spiky men's haircut
Nomad Barber LDN

This cool short men’s haircut is as short as it can get and still be styled. Work product into hair with fingers for these modern textured spikes. Or don’t do anything. Hair at this length doesn’t have to be styled.

105. Short Haircuts For Men With Beards + Curls

Short haircut for natural curls
Lundon New York

The high and tight is one of the most popular short haircuts. As the name indicates, it’s all about ultra-short sides and some length on top. This version features a drop fade that arcs above the ears and down to the neckline. A beard fade makes for a smooth transition into facial hair.

106. Short Curly Haircut For Men + Bald Fade

Short men's haircut for curly hair
Ryan Cullen

This men’s short curly fade features a burst of curls over a high bald fade. Use a hair cream or cream pomade to define texture and fight frizz.

107. Short Men’s Haircut + Shaved Sides + Medium Hair Length On Top

Short haircut for men with shaved sides and medium hair on top
Matt J.

Here’s another cool style for guys with thick hair. Add a side part and you have an Ivy League. Otherwise, the cut is short enough to be easy to wear and long enough for plenty of styling options.

108. Short Textured Crop

short textured crop fade

Gershwin’s Barber

This is the short version of this summer’s hottest men’s hairstyle trend – the crop. It is cut and styled for maximum texture.

109. High and Tight

High + Tight Hairstyle

Carlos Abalos

A modern version of the classic high and tight, this cut features thick hair on top with a mid-high fade. Thick hair is combed to one side with a medium shine product.

110. Length at the Hairline

Very short hairstyle for men


Men’s hair is never too short to style! This cool cut features extra length at the front that is styled over to one side.

111. Short Curls + Burst Fade

natural curls and burst fade

Juan Morales

Kinky curls look great with enough length for some volume and texture. This fresh style features an oversized burst fade plus a crisp line up.

112. Buzz Fade + Zig Zag Part

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ryancullenhair-buzz-fade-hair-design-1024x1024.jpg

Ryan Cullen

An exaggerated zig zag part stands out against dark hair cut short in a buzz cut with faded sides.

113. Buzz Cut + Fade

buzz cut fade
Mātū Barber Company

The combination of a buzz cut and fade is simple yet powerful. Your barber will customize the type of fade to flatter your features, hair type and head shape.

114. Very Short Spiky Hair + High Fade

cool short spiky hair men
Petey Rock the Barber

Spiky hair is just one of those styles that looks good on all guys. This short version with a neat beard is a great idea for both guys with thick or thinning hair.

115. French Crop + Fringe

cool textured hairstyles for men
Mari de Monte

One thing we love about the crop haircut is how versatile it is. The same type of cut can be shorter or longer, lighter or heavier and cut with all types of fringe. This version trades in the blunt line seen above for piecey texture all over, including the bangs.

116. Faux Hawk

cool faux hawk fade
Brian Gutierrez

In addition to spiky hair, the faux hawk is the other men’s hairstyle that looks good on everybody and never goes out of style. Here’s the latest way to get the look with a low fade, hint of texture and beard.

117. Short Textured Crop Haircut

Men's short hair ideas - the textured crop

Josh Connolly

The textured crop is a major trend and there is a version of the cut that works for most guys. The scissor cut top removes weight for thick hair and can beef up the appearance of finer too. Look for a product that adds texture for even more definition.

118. Cool Short Haircut for Wavy Hair

Short haircut for wavy hair

Alan Beak

The best haircuts work with your natural texture. Instead of cutting wavy hair off, this cool cut uses length and angled cuts to bring out wave and volume while a high fade means no maintenance at the sides.

119. Short Spiky Pompadour Haircut

Short spiky pompadour haircut

Michael Martin

The pomp is another timeless hairstyle for men because it looks so good. Usually a medium length or longer haircut, this version styles short hair up and back to create that classic pompadour silhouette with a touch of modern texture.

120. Short Curls + Curved Part + Temple Fade

Short curls haircut

Tariq Nevar

Some short haircuts can mix and match with different parts, fades and length on top. This cool cut features curls with enough length to reveal natural texture, a curved part and temple fade.

121. Short Haircut for Curly Hair + Drop Fade

Short haircut for curly hair


Here’s another men’s haircut that leaves some visible texture at the top and cuts the sides and back short. Tight curls are visible while a taper fade down the skin at the neckline keeps the rest of hair manageable.

122. Buzz Line Up + Burst Fade

Buzz cut and line up

Dynasty Barbers

You can do your own buzz cut with clippers at home but it won’t look this good. This cool style contrasts the sharp lines of an edge up with a blurry burst fade.

123. High and Tight + High Fade

High and tight with waves and bald fade

Pat Regan

The high and tight is one of the most popular short hairstyles, especially for black hair. As the name says, longer hair is up high while the edges are cut tight against the skin. This version features a high skin fade.

124. Buzz + Line Up + Drop Fade

Men's short hair ideas - Buzz cut and drop fade


The buzz fade isn’t just for guys with dark hair. The contrast between thick hair on top and a fade down to the skin is as striking with red hair as it is with black.

125. Ultra Short Crop Haircut + High Fade

very short crop haircut with high skin fade

By oldandnewtownbarbershop.cz

One of my favourite crop haircuts I have seen this year. I like how it has been trimmed short and close to the hairline. Looks great with the disconnected beard.

126. Classic Short Haircut For Men

classic short haircut for guys with mid fade

By russ_thebarber

Your timeless classic short men’s haircut styled back. Simple yet spectacular. Super clean cut. Nice job Russ.

127. Choppy / Spiky Textured Crop Haircut

crop haircut short hairstyle for men

By Agus De Asis

Cool asymmetrical cropped fringe. I like it. Soft textures on top blended perfectly into a the high fade.

128. Short Textured Haircut

short textured haircut for men

By jeremywexlerhair

A great looking textured short haircut for guys. Cut to perfection.

129. High Fade + Crop Haircut For Curly or Wavy Hair

cool short haircuts for men crop haircut

By Wes Staucet

Just because you have curly or wavy hair doesn’t mean you can’t get a great haircut. Any skilled barber or hairdresser can tame what you might think is wild and out of control. Here we have curly hair cut short into a crop.

130. Short Spiky Haircut + Temple Fade

cool short spiky mens haircut temple fade

By criztofferson

A slick looking choppy spiky short haircut with a super clean temple fade and line up in the front.

131. Ultra Short Classic Crop Haircut

super short crop haircut low fade

By rafaxhair

Super clean work. A picture perfect classic men’s short crop haircut.

132. Short Textured Undercut + Slash Designs

short textured haircut for men

By aleb_barber

Super cool claw slashes in this high fade short undercut. This is a great easy to manage short haircut for guys.

133. Bald Fade + Natural Curls

jakes_barber_shop short haircut for curly hair men

By jakes_barber_shop 

Super clean transition from a low bald drop fade into the natural curls on top.

134. Short Textured Quiff Haircut For Men

modern classic short haircut for men

By Wes Staucet

Wes is putting out some of the cleanest fades around the globe. A beautifully sculpted short quiff haircut.

135. Short Crop Haircut For Wavy Hair

short crop haircut for men low fade

By juliuscaesar

Another great example of a shorter crop haircut. Totally a fan of the fringe being trimmed close to the hairline. The crops we saw emerging a couple years ago were a bit too much like your classic little boy haircuts. These days they are getting messy and edgy.

136. Spiky Textured Quiff + Drop Fade + Disconnected Beard

cool short haircut for guys with thick hair drop fade

By criztofferson

Another beauty by criztofferson. This cut can be styled as in the photo or as a side part comb over look. A super versatile short haircut.

137. Short Haircut For Thick Hair + Mid Fade

mens short haircut for thick wavy hair

By ychromebarbering

A classic men’s short haircut that is perfect for thick, curly or wavy hair. Well done Y-Chrome.

138. Natural Looking Short Haircut For Thick Hair

mens haircut short for thick hair

By andrewdoeshair

A very neat looking textured haircut for a guy that has thicker hair. No fade on the sides here. All scissor work.

139. Textured Crop + High Skin Fade

textured haircut

By paul_barbercode

High fade contrast with short very textured hair on top. Can be worn neatly styled like this or on the messy side.

140. Short Textured Quiff Haircut + Low Bald Fade

short mens haircut

By hudson.hair

Half quiff half crop. Very nice. Lots of styling options with this haircut. Bald fade puts the focus on top. A great haircut for fine hair.

141. Quiff Haircut For Fine Hair + High Fade

short quiff haircut

By russ_thebarber

This is a great haircut if you have fine or thin hair. The high fade accentuates the hair on top.

142. Classic Comb Over Side Part Haircut

side part haircut

By Ulises Rodriguez

A nicely tapered haircut on the sides with shorter hair on top styled into a classic side part comb over.

143. Short Haircut + Neck Design

short haircut with neck design

By juliuscaesar

A nice temple fade super short haircut with a cool neck design created by one of the masters Julius Caesar.

144. Ultra Short Crop Haircut + High Bald Fade

ultra short crop haircut high fade

By Ulises Rodriguez

Super clean and super cool with a disconnected beard.

145. Cool Textured Swirl Haircut

cool short haircut for men

By barbermikethomas

Short textured hair is styled into a swirl. A very cool effect.

146. Very Short Taper Fade Haircut

taper fade haircut

By Pat Regan

A perfect taper haircut by one of the masters at cutting classic short men’s haircuts.

147. Classic Men’s Haircut + High Bald Fade

classic super short haircut for men

By electricbarbering

We are going to end with a beauty. Love this super short classic men’s haircut with disconnected nicely trimmed beard. This haircut is going to look good on any man. Great work by Electric Barbering.

148. Short Textured Crop

Short Textured Mens Hairstyle


This very short version of the trendy crop has enough length to achieve texture but not much more.

149. Messy Buzz Cut + Shaved Line

Messy Buzzcut + Shaved Line Hair Design

Mekhruz Jalilov

Simple designs can be as eye-catching as complex. A longish buzz is styled with some messy texture but the star of the show is a shaved line that crosses from the temple into the eyebrow.

150. Short Textured Crop

Short Textured Haircut

Travis Hill

The current way to wear is spiky hair is more about adding texture than creating vertical spikes. This ultra short version is so easy to style. Rub pomade between palms, work it through hair and pinch small sections of hair together. This is one of the best short hairstyles for men with thick hair.

151. Messy Hair

Men's short haircuts


This tousled and textured crop is messy with style. Bedhead it ain’t.

152. Crop Haircut + High Fade

Crop haircut short hair men
short men's haircut

Raggos Barbering

This textured crop is one of the top men’s hair trends of the year and a really cool short men’s haircut.

153. Textured Short Haircut for Thick Hair

short thick hair haircut

Zach Ramsey

Another version of the crop trend, these cool haircuts spikes up thick hair for a textured finish.

154. Low Fade Haircut + Short Natural Curls

low fade haircut

Rum Barber

The buzz fade is one of the most popular short haircuts for black hair but we are seeing more longer cuts this year. This fresh look features a hint of length on top with a low fade at the sides.

155. Slick Quiff Haircut For Short Hair

slick quiff haircut

Musket & Bayonet

This fade hairstyle is styled slick with a swoop of volume at the forehead.

156. Short Haircut for Wavy Hair

wavy hair short haircut for men

Rum Barber

Another version of the crop leaves hair longer to work with the flow of wavy hair but has the same texture throughout.

157. Short Curls + Temple Fade

temple fade haircut for men short natural curls

Justin Polisi

Textured hair is a huge trend this year and guys with curly hair already have. Sharpen up the edges with a temple fade and neck taper and you’re all set.

158. Steve McQueen Haircut

cool short haircut with textured hair

Andrew Does Hair

Like the Mustang he drove in Bullitt, Steve McQueen’s one-length-all-over short haircut stands the test of time. It’s one of those effortlessly cool looks. The cut features a touch of layering to enhance texture and movement.

159. Textured Fringe Haircut -> Short Hair

Fringe Haircut

Stephen J.

A popular feature of the textured crop trend is a thick line of fringe across the forehead. This one is tousled for a choppy finish.

160. Heavy Crop + Blunt Fringe Haircut For Short Hair

Blunt cut fringe mens haircut

Zach Ramsey

Similar to the crisp finish of a line up, blunt fringe creates a distinct edge that contrasts with the low fade at the neckline.

161. Short Wavy Hair Haircut + Mid Fade

wavy mid fade haircut

Flanagans Barbers

This layered cut enhances wavy hair on top with minimal length. A mid fade keeps the sides short and crisp.

162. Quiff Haircut For Short Thick Hair + Mid Fade

thick hair fade haircut

Flanagans Barbers

A fade accentuates the thickness of hair on top. Layering lightens up hair and brings out texture.

163. Buzz Cut + Fade + Line Up

buzz cut for men

Whitney VerMeer

The combination of a buzz cut, fade and line up create maximum style with minimum hair. One of the best short haircuts.

164. Mohawk-Inspired Buzz

mohawk buzz cut

Whitney VerMeer

A real mohawk takes a lot of work but this buzz has a hint of a wide mohawk without styling.

165. Buzz + Drop Fade Short Haircut

line up short haircut

Pat Regan

The fade in the buzz fade can be high, mid or low. This low fade version drops down behind the ear to follow the hairline. The classic of short haircuts for men.

166. Short Taper Fade Haircut

short haircut taper fade


A quick fade at the neckline and temples creates blurry edges for this buzz cut.

167. Buzz Cut + Line Up + Burst Fade

burs fade short haircut


The burst fade is another way to add a unique finish to a short buzz.

168. Heavy Crop + Angled Fringe + Mid Fade

crop textured hair cut

Reece Beak

This long crop features a sweep of bangs on an angle and a mid fade at the back.

169. Fringe + High Fade Short Haircut

high fade fringe short haircut for men

Shane Cronin

This disconnected hairstyle features heavy textured fringe and a undercut fade.

170. Short Curls + Temple Fade + Edge Up

short natural curls and temple fade haircut

Lundon New York

In addition to hair type, face shape is essential to finding your best hairstyle. This cut gets it just right with short curls and a temple fade that add height and length a broad face.

171. Side Part Hairstyle + Mid Fade

side part haircut short

Nomad Barber BLN

The classic side part hairstyle gets a modern touch from a mid bald fade.

172. Short Sweep Back + Low Fade Haircut For Short Hair

short textured haircut

Rum Barber

Popular men’s hairstyles like the comb over, slick back and sweep back can be worn with longer or shorter hair. The key is to have enough length at the hairline for styling.

173. Dry Slick Back + Drop Fade

low fade haircut

Rum Barber

The slicked back hair trend of a few years ago has seen a few updates of late. First, slick products have been replaced by matte product for a natural finish. Second, add a fade or taper at the sides.

174. High-Low Fade + Fringe

hi-lo fringe haircut

Rum Barber

Two contrasting fades separated by surgical lines creates dramatic sides while curved fringe adds even more geometry to this new hairstyle for men.

175. Classic Short Pompadour Haircut For Men

David Hardgrind

A very cool short hair pompadour haircut. A great looking classic men’s haircut.

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