33+ Best Men’s Fade Haircuts: Short To Medium Lengths

Men’s fade haircuts are some of the most popular men’s haircuts today. They are a great choice for many reasons.

Fade haircuts can be cool yet professional. You can get a cool fade that blends into short hair, and also medium hair, or longer hair length haircuts.

In this gallery we take a look at some of the best fade haircuts for men that we have seen this year.

There is definitely a new haircut for everyone so check out all 33 styles below for some inspiration to find your next short hair or medium hair fade haircut.

1) Short Textured Hair + Bald Fade + Hair Design

By cutsbycameron

A very short textured haircut with a cool minimal design across this low bald fade.

2) High Fade + Undercut / Pompadour Haircut For Medium Hair

By criztofferson

A wild look. The hard part splits this high fade, undercut pompadour haircut. Trimmed disconnected beard.

3) Bald Fade + Short To Medium Textured Hair On Top

By ambarberia

The textured quiff haircut with a high bald fade is a great option for hot climates or thick hair. Also a great short haircut for summertime.

4) Medium Length Hair Side Part Haircut + Mid Fade

By tonisaura_barbershop

This is a great looking side part haircut. The mid fade contrasts nicely.

5) Cool Short Crop Fade Haircut + Surgical Part

By braidbarbers

A cool looking crop haircut with hard part design that separates the two lengths of hair in this hi-lo fade.

6) Textured Quiff Haircut + High Skin Fade

By tombaxter_hair

The quiff haircut for men has been super popular the last couple years. Here is a fantastic one cut by Tom Baxter that shows off a high fade and disconnected beard.

7) Short Haircut For Men + Low Bald Fade

By ambarberia

A short quiff or longer modern faux-hawk. Hair on top contrasts nicely with the low bald fade.

8) Long Fringe Fade Haircut + Medium Hair On Top + Cool Neckline Design

By rafaxhair

This is a super cool haircut for so many reasons. It has so many different haircuts all in one. A long fringe, a burst fade, a cool neck design and great looking textures on top.

9) Short Textured Haircut + Slash Design + Bald Fade

By drehair

What a great haircut for the Summer. It features a bald fade and very short textured hair on top.

10) Ultra Short Buzz Cut + Bald Fade Haircut For Men

By rio_black_rose

Another super cool haircut for men to get for the Summer. Your classic buzz cut and bald fade.

11) Bald Fade + Crop Haircut + Slash Hair Design

By kieronthebarber

A high skin fade and blunt cut fringe crop haircut. A cool design that slashes from the temple and through the eyebrow.

12) High Fade Haircut + Medium Length Natural Curls On Top

By Mikey

What a great haircut for men with curly hair. A perfect high fade blended into medium curls on top and a bit of length in the fringe.

13) Taper Fade + Medium Length Hair Styled Back

By rafaxhair

A cool classic men’s haircut. The hair is styled back. Use a blow dryer to get this look. Brush back and blow dry the hair as you brush. Cool slash through the neck and beard.

14) Short Messy Crop Haircut + High Fade

By xbigwesx

A cool, ultra short messy textured men’s haircut.

15) Low Burst Fade Mohawk + Beard + Short Curls

By andyauthentic

What an incredibly clean freshie by Andy Mendoza. Kind of a mix of a drop fade, burst fade, and temple fade all in one.

16) Classic Short Pompadour Haircut + High Bald Fade

By blackfishbry

A superb short pompadour. The high bald fade places the emphasis on the hair on top. Looks great with the disconnected beard.

17) Short Side Part Classic Men’s Haircut + Mid Skin Fade

By patty_cuts

A perfect classic men’s haircut. Side part comb over with a mid fade down to the skin around the ears.

18) Short Men’s Haircut + Taper Fade

By hideoutbarber

Nice little taper fade short quiff haircut.

19) Low Fade + Medium Length Hair On Top

By patty_cuts

A perfect low fade blended into medium length hair on top. Nice natural movement.

20) Cool Short Haircut For Men + High Fade

By alexthebarber305

Another great looking very short messy crop haircut and mid skin fade on the sides.

21) Clean Drop Fade + Waves

By squeakprobarber

Beautiful waves with a drop fade. Perfection.

22) Short Classic Haircut + Low Fade + Disconnected Beard

By jose.crespo_

Here we have a great looking low fade and a classic short men’s haircut on top. Curly hair tamed and looking good.

23) High Fade + Medium To Longer Hair On Top

By we_married_hair

This is a great haircut for guys that have thicker hair. Grow it out on top and in the fringe and pair it with a nice clean mid to high fade.

24) Cool Medium Spiky Mohawk + Bald Fade + Disconnected Beard

By tote_barber

What a killer haircut. Looks fantastic! A heavily textured mohawk on top, high fade and cool hair design on the sides.

25) Short Spiky Textured Haircut + Temple Fade

By criztofferson

This is another great haircut for men that have thicker hair. It is cut short on top and textured to give that spiky look. Great temple fade and line up in the front.

26) Textured Pomp Quiff + High Fade

By jarredsbarbers

If you have thicker hair than you can pull this off. It is a cool haircut that is part pompadour part quiff.

27) Mohawk Fade + Cool Hair Design

By andyauthentic

An amazing mohawk fade haircut with a great looking simple hair design in the burst fade.

28) Mid Bald Fade Haircut

By _charliebarber_

A classic short haircut for men with a bald fade to keep cool.

29) Classic Taper Fade Haircut

By jose.crespo_

An awesome classic taper fade blended into curly hair on top.

30) Messy Spikes + Low Fade

By mattyconrad

Low fade with textured hair on top styled into a quiff.

31) Mid Bald Fade + Short Curly Hair

By ceejayfadez

A great short haircut for guys with curly hair.

32) Low Bald Fade + Curls

By criztofferson

Natural curls with a low bald fade and crisp lineup.

33) Low Fade Crop Haircut + Disconnected Beard

By xbigwesx

So there you have it, an excellent collection of the best men’s fade haircuts coming out of the best barbershops in the world.

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