25 Shape Up Haircuts -> Get Fresh

First, what is a shape up haircut? It’s the same thing as a line up or edge up. Whatever you call it, this is a defined, instead of natural, hairline. The shape up is a straight line across the forehead that angles down to the temples. Head on, the hairline looks straight while it appears curved from the side.

There are different types of shape ups but it’s more about your hairline than preference. A bad shape up takes your hairline up further than it needs to be. The best line ups will create a precise line as close to your natural hairline as possible. That being said, taking a shape up high can be a stylistic choice. There is a difference between making it look like a receding hairline versus fresh style.

Other than that, an edge up can be added to any men’s hairstyle, from short to long. This look is most popular with black men but anybody can get the look, even white guys. What’s cool about the line up is how it contrasts the texture and shape of hair and the blur of a fade.

Here are 25 different shape up haircuts, with everything from buzz cuts to long hair, braids, and dreads. Remember that this precision style grows out fast so keep it fresh with regular barber visits, as often as you need. That can as much as every couple weeks, depending on the cut and how quickly hair grows.

1. Shape Up Haircut

what is a shape up haircut
Victor Hugo

This is pretty much a perfect example of a shape up, from that flawless line to the angle of the temples. This waves – line up – fade combination is popular for a reason. You’re looking at.

2. Men’s Shape Up Haircut

men's shape up haircut
Ulises Rodriguez

An edge up makes any haircut look extra crispy and fresh. This square goatee plays off those lines with harmonious symmetry.

3. Shape Up Haircut + Afro

Marquinhos Barbers

The afro is always cool but the contrast between the square hairline and round top is extra cool.

4. How To Do A Shape Up Haircut

how to do a shape up haircut

Now that’s how you do a shape up cut. It doesn’t get more precise than that. Check out Freshly Faded for more edge up tips.

5. Nice Shape Up Haircut

nice shape up haircut

The line up is a really cool addition to any haircut. That straight line draws in the eye to whatever you have going on on top, like this classic and cool short haircut with a fade.

6. Shape Up Haircut For Black Men

shape up haircut black

Both the curly high and tight and beard are even better after being lined up.

7. Afro Shape Up Haircut

shape up afro haircut
Marquinhos Barbers

Here’s another version of the afro with a line up. This version also has a fade around the bottom to create a more oval profile.

8. High Top + Shape Up

different types of shape up haircuts
Ken Nguyen

Whether this is a curly high top, blow out haircut, or something in between, the line up continues the high fade.

9. Shape Up + Tape Up

shape up and tape up haircut
KJ The Barber

Not every shape up haircut has a fade but most of them do because they go together like macaroni and cheese.

10. Shape Up Haircut For Long Hair

shape up haircut long hair

It doesn’t seem like the edge up would be compatible with long hair but it is. It’s just a different hairline. This version also features an undercut fade.

11. Best Shape Up Haircut

best shape ups haircut
Vic Blends

The line of the shape up that continues into the beard is a crisp finishing touch for this cool braids and beard look.

12. Shape Up Haircut With Dreads

shape up haircut with dreads
Petey Rock the Barber

Long dreads appear to emerge from this precision hairline.

13. Different Types Of Shape Up Haircuts

different types of shape up haircuts
Vic Blends

Here’s a different way to wear a shape up haircut. Instead of staying true to the hairline, this edge up takes the hairline up higher and adds a shaved part. This look is a commitment for longer hair because of the growing out process but it’s worth it.

14. A Shape Up Haircut

a shape up haircut
Michael Kelly

The edge up plus faded sides and a shaved part works well with this short haircut for thick hair.

15. The Best Shape Up Haircut

best shape up haircut
Vic Blends

Waves that end in a distinct line is one of the best shape up hairsyles because of the contrast between texture and geometry.

16. Box Shape Up

box shape up haircut
Wizzy da Barber

This box shape up has right angles at the temple.

17. Fade + Shape Up

fade shape up haircut
Fade Junky

The crisp edge up stands out against the high fade haircut.

18. Fresh Shape Up Haircut

Petey Rock the Barber

This stylish young man is keeping it fresh with a high top fade plus a line up.

19. Perfect Shape Up Haircut

perfect shape up haircut
Julius Cvesar

The perfect shape up is the one that works for your hairline and style. This look is perfection in our books because of the clean line, matching beard shape, and cool contrast of curls that hang over the line up.

20. Shape Up For Men With Round Faces

Haircuts For Men With Round Faces
Olimjonov Abduvali

The shape of the line up is flattering for guys with round faces because the sharp angle breaks up the cheeks. Wear it with some type of high volume hair and faded sides for the appearance of a longer, slimmer face.

21. Shape Up Haircut For Curly Hair

shape up haircut curly hair
Jose Crespo

Can you wear a shape up with curly hair? Of course! It adds to the effect of this platinum blowout haircut.

22. Shape Up Haircut For Kids

shape up haircut kids
Petey Rock the Barber

The buzz cut-fade-line up combination is one of the top haircuts for guys of all ages because it is low maintenance and looks great.

23. Shape Up Haircut For White Guys

shape up haircut white guy
Heavy Hittaz Barbershop

The shape up works for all hairstyles and types. Here’s a flow haircut with defined edges and a low fade.

24. Short Shape Up Haircut

short shape up haircut
Javi the Barber

The line up isn’t always shaved short. This buzz cut has those signature corners with a hint of length. The shaved line and brow slash adds an edge.

25. Flat Top + Shape Up

Ken Nguyen

And we’ll leave you with this marvel of geometry. The square line up emphasizes the flat top‘s impressive height.

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