Crop Haircuts For Men

Have you heard of the crop haircut? It can also be called a French crop, textured crop, crop fade, crop chop, and many more. As all of the names indicate, it’s a men’s short hairstyle with plenty of personality.

The features of a crop are texture, some type of fringe, and faded sides. This cool men’s haircut can be very short, longer, or thicker. The fringe can be a blunt Caesar-type fringe high on the forehead or some combination of textured, spiky, and longer.

The many variations of this haircut make it work for all hair types, taming thick and coarse hair and conversely, helping thin and fine hair appear thicker with added volume and texture. It is naturally suited to wavy and curly hair. And of course, works for stylish lads of all ages.

We’ve talked about this popular look as European hair trends and new men’s hairstyles and more. This is the definitive crop post with 35 different looks for men, boys, and curly hair.

Crop Chop Haircuts For Men

1. Crop Top Haircut

Cole Buerkle

A classic crop with messy spiky styling.

2. Crop Haircut

Abbas the Barber

It’s so modern, it could be from the future.

3. French Crop Haircut

Mercuris Hair Design

Just a little bit of length can have a lot of texture.

4. Textured Crop Haircut

Michael Kelly

This cool cut has texture all over with spikes on top and jagged fringe. It’s cool in every hair color but something extra in this shade of yellow.

5. Crop Fade Haircut

Hossein Sarv

A high fade balances out a short cut for thick hair. Spikes are pulled into a loose wave and end with the whole look finishes with a brow slash.

6. Long Crop Haircut

Ryan Cullen

In a fresh way to wear the popular disconnect haircut, this look takes adds textured flow to medium length hair.

7. Best Haircuts for Thinning Hair

Paul Skerritt

You have to see it to believe it but this thinning hair appears so much thicker and fuller with the added texture and volume of a crop. If this blunt version isn’t for you, opt for a different style of fringe.

8. Euro Crop Haircuts

Iisakki Nummi

The crop has been in trendy in Europe for a number of years. That just means that barbers are keeping it fresh with new looks like this textured buzz with a temple fade. It’s the same look with a new shape.

9. Modern Crop

Hayden Cassidy Hair

A cool way to update the blunt fringe is by wearing it an angle.

10. Spiky Crop

Ryan Cullen

This haircut looks great with textured fringe worn down or spiked up. Highlights in dark hair mirror the tone of the skin fade.

11. Caesar Crop

Dom the Barberian

Here’s a modern way to wear the iconic Caesar haircut. The stubble beard and distressed denim also keep it trendy.

12. Fringe Crop

Hayden Cassidy Hair

Whether you call it bangs or fringe, it looks good cut long and heavy.

13. Messy Crop Haircut

Travis Hill

This jagged looks takes texture into messy territory.

14. Cool Haircuts for Young Men

Mātū Barber Company

This fringed cut looks great at every age.

Curly Crop Haircuts For Men

15. Curly Hair + Long Fringe

Travis Hill

Wavy and curly hair don’t need to add any texture. Just use a light pomade or styling cream to lock in curl and lock out frizz.

16. Low Fade + Curly Hair

Jordan Rutledge

For a different look, get a low fade around the sides and back.

17. Cool Curly Haircuts for Men

Travis Hill

Here’s a similar heavy crop with longer fringe.

18. High Fade Haircuts For Curly Hair

Shelwin Jafet

Or go for the original crop style with a high fade and a hint of fringe.

19. Drop Fade Haircuts For Curly Hair

Black Rose

For a curved neckline, try a drop fade

20. Short + Curly Crop Haircuts For Men

Victor Hugo

Even cut short, this curly cut has plenty of natural texture. Instead of blunt fringe, this look is styled into jagged teeth.

Boy Crop

21. Cool Short Haircuts For Boys

Mātū Barber Company

For the fashion forward boys, a blunt crop says that you know what’s up.

22. Crop Fade Haircuts For Boys

Victor Hugo

Fringe at the front with a drop fade at the back.

23. Haircut For Boys With Curly Hair

Christopher Jones

And the same cut with curly fringe.

24. Soccer Haircuts

Paul Skerritt

The European origins of this cut mean it is popular with soccer players and fans. Add a third stripe to rep for your favorite brand.

25. Trendy Haircuts For Boys

Jordan Rutledge

To really make a statements, add some spiky texture and a shaved design.

More Crop Haircuts

26. Hipster Haircuts

Jordan Rutledge

There really are endless ways to wear the crop, including this hipster style with tattoos and a handlebar mustache.

27. Trendy Haircuts For Men


The look on your face when your hair looks this good.

28. Cool Haircuts For Teen Boys

Ryan Cullen

This textured cut is a cool way to manage the ultra thick hair that lots of young men are lucky to have. Faded sides with weight on top is easy to style.

29. Blunt Fringe For Men

Paul Skerritt

Nature rarely makes straight lines so the blunt fringe really stands out.

30. Fringe Haircuts For Men

Michael Kelly

Nature does make jagged edges but people usually don’t so this peaked fringe is another bold look.

31. Crop Fade Haircuts

Alan Beak

A lot can happen in on short haircut, like this combination of artful texture and a blurry fade.

32. Crop Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair

Antonio Mateo

Spiky texture and a heavy crop show off thick hair while cutting down on weight. Try one of these products to keep this spiky look going strong all day in any weather.

33. Spiky Hair


This haircut can be styled with forward fringe or up into textured spikes.

34. Very Short Haircuts For Men

Ryan Cullen

This hair trend can also be cut very short. The cool version adds a shaved line to the fade.

35. Cool Men’s Hair

Alan Beak

A very cool last way to wear the crop haircut with some subtle and some deliberate texture. To get the look, use a pomade that enhances texture and pinch texture sections of hair.

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