30 Fringe Haircuts That Are Cool And Edgy

Trends tend to go from one extreme to another. First skinny jeans replaced baggy pants. Now work-inspired straight leg cuts and retro relaxed fits are gaining popularity. For men’s hair, slicked back classic haircuts are giving way to their opposite, fringe worn loose. Fringe haircuts leave the hair to hang down loosely over the forehead.

Also called bangs, fringe hairstyles are very popular for men right now. It started with crop haircuts with modern Caesar bangs and has exploded from there.

Since the crop haircut came on the scene, we’ve seen many variations of the trend, including with blunt, textured, side-swept, curly and asymmetrical fringe.

Here are fringe haircuts for men that include all those types of bangs styles and more. Some are crop fades, some aren’t, but most do feature short sides with longer hair on top. Check it out.

1. Modern Fringe Haircuts

These asymmetrical styles reinvent what fringe can be. They are are curved, diagonal, and toothed. Can you pull off one of these bold and unconventional looks?

modern fringe haircuts for men
Abbas the Barber

Thick textured spikes stand above heavy fringe curved fringe that is longer on one side than the other, leaving a fang shape in the center.

cool fringe haircuts for men
Kevin Luchmun

Here’s a shorter and lighter version of the toothed fringe with spiky horns on top.

new fringe haircuts for men

This textured crop includes fringe that comes to a point in the middle.

line haircuts for men
Hossein Sarv

This heavy fringed crop pulls hair over to the side opposite cool shaved lines.

2. Crop Haircuts with Fringe

Short, long, blunt, textured, and soft are just a few ways to wear fringe with a crop haircut.

french crop with shaved line
Abbas the Barber

The crop started out as a textured haircuts because of loose spikes on top and piecey fringe.

blunt crop fade

This cool crop for thick hair has short and blunt fringe with a hint of texture.

French crop with neckline hair design
Josh O’meara-Patel

Here’s another blunt crop with a rounded shape that contrasts the neckline line hair design at the back.

short textured French crop
Josh Mcpike

This short crop, this fringe is anything but blunt.

French crop with blunt fringe
Chris Jones

Blonde fringe over a darker undercut creates two distinct sections and one cool haircut.

fringe hairstyles for men
Hayden Cassidy Hair

This might be stretching the definition of a crop haircut but it’s a classic way to wear fringe with trendy soft texture.

3. Textured Fringe Hairstyles for Men

Textured hairstyles are one of the top men’s hair trends of the year. Texture can come from the cut, hair product, or natural wavy, it all looks great.

textured hairstyles for men
Iisakki Nummi

This tousled texture is the coolest way to wear messy hair. Use a product that uses clay or mud to clump hair together and add texture to straight hair.

faux hawk
Wes Staucet

This fresh look combines the texture trend with the always-in-style faux hawk.

wavy fringe haircuts for men
Chris Jones

This textured crop is cut to bring out some wave, even without product. The cut looks great whether or not you take the time to style it.

short and wavy fringe haircuts for men
Isaiah Hernandez

The short crop works with wavy and curly hair to make the most of natural texture.

mullet haircut for men
Christian Inductivo

Modern mullet isn’t an oxymoron, though we’d say this haircut is a party at the front and the back.

Curly fringe haircuts for men
Barber Dodds

Curly and wavy hair bring its own texture to fringe.

4. Side Swept Fringe for Men

Another popular and attractive way to wear fringe for men is swept to the side. It adds an angle for round faces, shortens a long face, and just looks good.

new fringe hairstyles for men
Abbas the Barber

Thick fringe extends the shaved line.

side swept fringe haircuts for men
Isaiah Hernandez

Blunt fringe styled over to one side with texture.

cool fringe haircuts for Asian men

This diagonal fringe is the ultimate in long top, short sides haircuts for men and also works well for thick and Asian hair.

fringe haircuts for men thinning hair receding hairline
Hair Co. for Men

Fringe haircuts also work well for guys with fine, thin, or thinning hair. The angle and texture helps hair appear fuller and the length covers a high forehead or receding hairline.

5. Fringe Haircuts for Curly Hair

For guys who like to show off their curls, these fringe haircuts have enough length to reveal natural texture while being easy to style.

fringe haircuts for curly hair men
Cameron Tooyserkani

All it takes is a few locks of hair for cool curly fringe.

curly fringe for men
Rockstars Barbers & Coffee

This curly crop fade includes layers of curls for fringe that is full but not heavy.

French crop for curly hair men
Cal Newsome

For thick and curly hair, concentrating length and weight on top for an easy to wear hairstyle that doesn’t cut hair short.

curly crop fade for men
Randall Roncal

Use a curl control cream or water pomade to define and hold curls.

Fade haircuts for curly hair men
Mohammad Hamze

Curly fringe looks great from every angle while this beard fade mirrors short sides.

Short fringe haircuts for curly hair men
Glenn Blackburn

Cut a little bit shorter, this curly fringe is more about texture than volume.

Medium length curly hair men
Kevin Luchmun

This medium length curly cut with fringe has a rounded profile and retro feel.

6. Mod Haircuts for Men with Fringe

Mod culture from the 1960s was about stylish clothes, riding scooters, and listening to soul music. It’s no longer modern but still cool. The mod haircut is a mop top with fringe that covers the forehead and long hair around the sides and back.

mod fringe haircuts for men

This Ziggy Stardust-inspired haircut is somehow from the past and the future at the same time.

mod haircuts for men
Nevin Hernandez

Another common feature of the mod haircut for men is long sideburns that cover the ears.

wavy mod haircuts for men
Charlie Cullen

The mod haircut works for guys with straight, wavy, and curly hair types.

new mod haircuts for men
Josh Mcpike

Wear mod fringe parted in the middle or straight across the forehead.

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