37 Fringe Haircuts That Are Cool And Stylish

By Rich Krafting


Trends tend to go from one extreme to another. First skinny jeans replaced baggy pants. Now work-inspired straight leg cuts and retro relaxed fits are gaining popularity. For men’s hair, slicked back classic haircuts are giving way to their opposite – fringe with texture. Fringe haircuts leave the hair to hang down loosely over the forehead.

Also called bangs, fringe hairstyles are very popular for men right now. It started with crop haircuts with modern Caesar bangs and has exploded from there.

There are so many ways to wear fringe including short, long, blunt, textured, side-swept, asymmetrical, and curly. Cutting bangs can help thin out thick hair, minimize the appearance of hair loss, and boost curly texture.

Fringe can also be added to any type of haircut. Check out these 37 haircuts for mullets, mohawks, curly hair, and more.

1. Types Of Men’s Fringe Haircuts

Men’s haircuts with bangs are nothing new. The short and blunt fringe of the Caesar haircut literally dates back to the time of Julius Caesar.

Of course, many trends have happened since the BC era. Fringe haircuts work well for guys with fine, thin, or thinning hair. The angle and texture helps hair appear fuller and the length covers a high forehead or receding hairline.

Fringe can also be longer, cut on angle with some texture. Even longer fringe looks cool parted into curtains. These are only a few of the fringe haircuts for men so keep reading for more looks.

2. Modern Fringe Haircuts

These fresh styles reinvent what fringe can be. Hair can be curved, diagonal, and toothed. Can you pull off one of these bold and unconventional looks?

First, thick textured spikes stand above heavy, curved fringe that is longer on one side than the other, styled into a point in the center.

Another way to wear a heavy fringed crop is over to the side opposite cool shaved lines. A short crop can be styled into jagged teeth or take a messier approach to long bangs.

3. Crop Haircuts with Fringe

Short, long, blunt, textured, and soft are just a few ways to wear fringe with a crop haircut.

This line of fringe high on the forehead is one of the most popular crop cuts. It’s so simple, yet bold. For thick hair soften the blunt line with texture.

The crop is really a versatile look. Break up that line of blunt fringe with some volume or layering. Or for longer hair, fringe can go down to the brows for a mop crop top.

On the left, the blonde bangs are cut on a diagonal over a dark fade for an edgy cut. On the right, a classic mop top with a taper fade is a classic way to wear fringe with trendy soft texture.

4. Textured Fringe Hairstyles for Men

Textured hairstyles are one of the top men’s hair trends. Texture can come from the cut, hair product, or natural waves, it all looks great.

Tousled texture is one of the coolest ways to wear messy hair. Use a product with clay or mud to clump hair together and add texture to straight hair. Or look for the word texturizing.

Textured fringe can take on many different forms. Here we have long bangs with a hint of wave. Or go for a timeless and trendy combination with textured faux hawk and some loose fringe.

Last, hair is styled in large sections that go every which way for an artfully messy cool look. This doesn’t have to be an every day style though. Textured crops are cut to bring out waves, even without product. The cut looks great whether or not you take the time to style it.

Here are some more fresh ways to wear bangs with texture, starting with a cool mullet that flows down over the forehead and over the neck. We’d say this haircut is a party at the front and the back.

Next we have slightly wavy hair cut into straight across fringe. With natural texture, the line is slightly broken up.

And last, fringe is cut in a V-shape, revealing the brows. For guys with wide cheeks or rounder faces, this is a better way to wear fringe than a blunt cut.

5. Side Swept Fringe for Men

Another popular and attractive way to wear fringe for men is swept to the side. It adds an angle for round faces, shortens a long face, and just looks good.

This asymmetrical finish works with bold likes like heavy fringe over line designs or a temple fade mohawk with scratches.

On a softer note, curtain bangs have made a come back. Now, part hair slightly off-center or further to one side.

What makes this side fringe is the larger section of hair heading up and over to one side. The cool thing about this look is the curtains cut can also be styled in many different ways.

6. Fringe Haircuts for Curly Hair

For guys who like to show off their curls, these fringe haircuts have enough length to reveal natural texture while being easy to style.

Curly crop fades feature layers of curls for fringe that is full but not heavy. Or keep hair shorter on top and leave a few coils longer for a hint of fringe.

For thick and curly hair, concentrating length and weight on top is an easy to wear hairstyle that doesn’t cut hair short. To style these curly crops, use a curl control cream or water pomade to define and hold curls.

Longer curly hairstyles can have bangs too. Fringe looks great with this curly afro. No taper fade needed.

All of these looks are a layer of curls over a high fade. A beard fade creates a seamless transition back up into facial hair.

Medium length curly hair men
Kevin Luchmun

This medium length curly cut with fringe has a rounded profile and retro feel. It’s interesting to see how different a haircut can make someone look.

7. Mod Haircuts for Men with Fringe

Mod culture from the 1960s was about stylish clothes, riding scooters, and listening to soul music. It’s no longer modern but still cool. The mod haircut is a mop top with fringe that covers the forehead and long hair around the sides and back.

Cooler than the Beetles, this Ziggy Stardust-inspired haircut is somehow from the past and the future at the same time.

Another common feature of the mod haircut for men is long sideburns that cover the ears. Wear mod fringe parted in the middle or straight across the forehead.

With longer wavy hair, the mod haircut is approaching the shag for men. Whatever it is, it’s cool.

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