23 Beard Styles: Short, Medium + Long

By Rich Krafting


It has been said that, “what a makeup is to a woman, a beard is to a man.” Let’s make sure that beard makes improves your look.

Just like hair, beard styles can be stubble short or long enough to require brushing. We’ve got those beard styles and everything in between. Many shorter beards, like chin straps, and goatees, don’t cover the entire jaw. A full beard is defined as having facial hair a the sideburns, chin, cheeks, and mustache area.

And also like hair, beards require care. Keep facial hair smooth and fresh with beard wash and conditioning products. Beard oils aren’t just for long, full beards. They moisturize skin behind facial hair and eliminate beard itch. Thicker or curlier facial hair may want some hold and conditioning from beard balm. Between barber visits, clean up the cheeks and neckline with a beard trimmer.

If you’re thinking about what hairstyles go with beards, notice how the two work together. We’ve also got the shaved head and bald men covered with their own section at the end.

Lets’ start with some mustache-forward styles and then work through short, medium, and long beard lengths. Beards for Black men are also organized by length but we have you covered. Now on to the beards.

Beards with Mustaches

A mustache can be part of a beard or stand out. These looks feature a prominent stache over a beard.

1. Full Beard + Long Mustache

Long beard with mustache
Matthew Conrad

This enviable beard groomed into a rounded shape also has an impressive mustache. The stache is styled up and out but not twisted into handlebars.

2. Crop Fade + Beard

Beard styles with mustache
Rafa X Hair

The old school beard paired with modern hair is an unexpected and cool contrast.

3. Long Beard + Handlebar Mustache

Long beard with handlebar mustache
Andrew Does Hair

This gentleman is certainly making the most of what he’s got with an artfully shaped long beard accented by a handlebar mustache. Get the look with a wax-based beard product that holds the mustache and softens long facial hair. There are many beard waxes out there but Honest Amish Original Beard Wax, launched in the 1970s, has stood the test of time.

Short Beard Styles

These short beard styles show that anyone can have beard. That beard just won’t cover the entire face.

4. Stubble Chinstrap + Mustache

Short beards styles - stubble chin beard with mustache
Abbas the Barber

Beards can be used to enhance or even change face shape. Here, a hint of a beard accentuates an already chiseled jawline.

5. Stubble Beard

Stubble beard fade
Wes Staucet

Beards get faded. Mustaches don’t.

6. Chinstrap Without Mustache

Chin strap beard no mustache with soul patch
Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

This chin strap with soul patch is about shape more than length. The defined geometry plays up facial features.

7. Short Beard Styles For Black Men

Short beard styles for Black men
Nieves Almaraz

This high and tight is shorter than facial hair but just as lined up.

8. Beard Fade Styles

Beard fade styles for Black men
Max Dos Santos

This precision cut with a line up and hard part also features a beard fade with a curved edge.

9. Goatee

Turkish Touch

Most goatees don’t look this good. The neatness sets it apart from the usual scruff. There’s also a nice relationship between the burst fade and mustache shape.

Medium Beard Styles

Medium length beards begin to add some length, all over or at the chin. More length means a beard can take on a rounded or pointed shape.

10. Easy-To-Wear Facial Hair

Short - medium beard styles
Sanya Minette

One of the reasons facial hair is so popular is because it’s easy. This beard length can easily be maintained at home. All you need is a decent beard trimmer with clipper guards. Shaving stray hairs on the cheeks and throat keep the beard looking neat.

11. Cool Beard Style With Slash Design

Black men beard with slashes and waves
Andy Authentic

Black beard styles can be whatever you want them to be. Short or long, groomed or bushy, shaped by clippers or nature. Here’s a full beard at the chin with a thin mustache. A pair of slashes continue behind the ear and into a 360 waves.

12. High Fade

Thick Zig Zag beard
We Married Hair

The high fade completely separates hair from the beard. The textured facial hair looks great but requires some beard oil or balm to stay soft and in place.

13. Line Up + Temple Fade

Chin strap beard with temple fade for Black men

Hiram Muniz

Taking the chin strap to the next level with length at the chin. The way the temple fade just fits glasses is an impressive detail.

14. Beard Styles With Long Hair

White beard style with long hair for older men
Ascrima Barbershop

Sometimes less is more but sometimes more is more. Here’s to long hair with a full beard and not a fade in sight.

15. Pointed Beard

Diamond beard shape for thick hair

Jōvan Reyne Figueroa

Dense facial hair can be used to create interesting shapes, like this beard that comes to a distinct point at the chin.

Long Beard Styles

When facial hair can move in the wind, it’s considered long. Check out these style for long and full beards.

16. Diamond Shaped Beard

Diamond Shaped Long Beard

Wes Staucet

There’s that same pointed beard shape but with longer hair.

17. Rounded Beard Trim

Long Rounded Full Beard Styles

The Commodore Tonsorial Parlor

Thick hair on top balances out this full beard. Here’s how slick a beard can look with a fade. Shaved sides draw attention to the crisp lines of the beard and short curly hair without adding any width. The bald fade physically removes hair but highlights thick, full hair visually.

18. Long Curly Hair + Full Beard

Long curly hair for men with beard, bread with white stripe
Samuel Eilers

Some facial grows long and some grows wide. Here’s the latter with a distinctive stripe. The long curls make the look even better.

19. Very Long Beard Styles

Longest beard styles - white and grey - straight
Abbas the Barber

Not everyone can grow a full beard like this but anyone can get this cool pompadour with low fade haircut. Use a boar-bristle brush on hair and the beard to get this smooth look.

A reminder to the silver-haired gentlemen out there, use a shampoo for grey hair to keep locks looking this good.

Beard Styles For Bald Men

It’s ironic that surplus of testosterone that leads to male pattern baldness can also enhance facial hair growth. If that’s what’s happening to you, check out these cool looks for guys wearing all their hair on their face.

20. Wide + Full Beard

Full + wide beard for bald Black men

Tariq Nevar

Beards are an excellent choice for men with wide or round faces. A longer beard like this one elongates the face.

21. Bald + Beard

Bald Head + Full Beard

Taylor Gang

A beard fade is a must for creating a seamless transition from sideburns to skin.

22. Shaved Head + Shaped Beard

Shaved Head + Big Full Beard

Yahia Jaber

A clean shaven head places even more emphasis on facial hair. Make the most of it with a crisp design and full beard that tapers off at the sideburns.

23. Bald Head with Beard Style

Bald head with very long beard

Andrew Does Hair

Saved the longest for last with this past-the-collarbone beard. At this length, beard shampoo and conditioner are a must for clean and smooth hair.

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