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Men’s Hair Products

  Do I need to use hair product? 9 times out of 10, perhaps even 99 times out of a 100, the answer is yes. Why? Even short hair needs some hold to look it's best. The shortest buzzcuts are exempt but anything longer will benefit from the shaping, texture, and finish that hair products provide. That's just for basic hairstyles. Products also allow you to ... Get the hairstyle!


15 Cool Short Haircuts For Guys

Short hair is always on trend for men. Check out these pictures of cool short haircuts for guys for 15 stylish looks that take mere minutes to style. All these cuts are perfect for a busy lifestyle or making quick work of thick, coarse, or curly hair. Throw in a part, undercut, or fade and you've got a 2015 men's hairstyle trend that looks good in no ... Get the hairstyle!


5 Popular Medium Hairstyles For Men For 2015

If you think short hair is too short and long hair is too long, then medium length hair is just right. Check out these pictures for 5 ways to wear popular medium hairstyles for men in 2015. These almost chin length haircuts and styles are on trend for the new year, worn messier and longer.   Andy Biersack aka andybvb is the lead singer of the Black Veil ... Get the hairstyle!


Cool Men’s Hairstyles To Try In 2015: David Beckham

One of the upcoming collections to look for is Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham at H&M (coming March 5 online and in stores). David Beckham continues his reign as hair icon in the clothing line preview. Check out these images for cool men's hairstyles to try in 2015. As we keep saying, 2015 hair trends are taking the barbering styles and wearing ... Get the hairstyle!


Shaved Hairstyles for Men

Nothing makes your morning go faster than a short haircut that dries fast and practically styles itself. These shaved hairstyles for men buzz hair all over or just around the sides and back for quick, easy, and cool looks. Check out these photos for a range of stylish shaved haircuts from conservative military buzzcuts to bold hair designs.   The buzz ... Get the hairstyle!


3 Hairstyles for Blonde Hair for Men

Does "blondes have more fun" apply to guys too? Well it does with these cool hairstyles. Light hair has it's own unique needs - it is often fine, sometimes thin, and gets greasy and weighted down with the wrong product. Check out these pictures of hairstyles for blonde hair for men that work with the hair type and have a lot of style.   This crispy cut ... Get the hairstyle!

@levisnovaes Photo:@wanzzafotografia

5 Cool Curly Hairstyles for Men 2015

If your new year's resolution is to look better, get there fast with a new haircut. Here's how the latest men's hairstyles trends work for curly hair. Check out these pictures of cool curly hairstyles for men 2015 for 5 hot looks, in order from shortest to longest:   One hairstyle trend that is still going strong for 2015 is the undercut. The shaved ... Get the hairstyle!


Latest Men’s Hairstyles 2015 from Tom Chapman Hair Design

If you need a bold new style for the new year, look no further than Tom Chapman Hair Design's #Th13teen collection. Taking inspiration from wrestlers to hair bands, there is a look to suit every style. The collection is divided into four groups with distinct influences and fashion. Check out these photos of the latest men's hairstyles 2015 to find your new ... Get the hairstyle!


New Hairstyles for Men 2015 from Tom Chapman Hair Design

Want a new look for the new year? Check out these pictures of new hairstyles for men 2015 from Tom Chapman Hair Design in Torquay, England. There are fresh cuts to suit every style from clean cut to alternative and retro to cutting edge. Here's a sneak preview of their latest #Th13teen collection. All photos by Rob Grist ... Get the hairstyle!


Best Hairstyles for Men: 20 Celebrity Looks

There are more hairstyle options for men out there than ever before. Let's take a look at 20 male celebrities for the best hairstyles for men. Check out these pictures starting with hairstyles for normal straight hair, moving on to fine, thick, and wavy/curly hair types. Straight Hair 2015 is seeing a shift in men's hairstyle trends. The Mad Men/hipster slick ... Get the hairstyle!