Our Latest Men’s Hairstyles + Cool Haircuts


Shaved Part Hair Designs: Barber Brian Burt

Today, we are going to take a look at 2 different haircuts by Barber Brian Burt that feature shaved parts.Surgical Part - When your barber carves in a perfect part extending all the way to backside of head down to the occipital bone.Hi Lo Fade - When you have a fade that has 2 different levels on head. One side being Hi the other side being Lo. You need a "Surgical Part" to differentiate ... Get the hairstyle!


Easy Men’s Hairstyles: Long Top – Short Sides

There are plenty of easy men's hairstyles if you want to do more than go with the shaved buzz cut. There is always the classic long on top - short sides haircut that leaves most hair short while providing ample styling opportunities. Versions of this men's haircut work for every hair type, from fine to thick and straight to curly. Here's one way to get the cut and style.To style hair, ... Get the hairstyle!


7 Modern Men’s Haircuts 2015

One way to get ready for summer is with a fresh, new haircut. Lose some of that length and weight to get ready for everyone's favorite season. Even better, these modern men's haircuts 2015 are easy to style, leaving more time for summer fun.Celebrities, athletes, and musicians tend to be at the forefront of fashion. Aussie native Flume is no exception. This cool cut is the classic short ... Get the hairstyle!


3 Vintage Slick Pompadour Styles: Barber Brian Burt

In today's Barber Brian Burt feature, we're going to take a look at 3 vintage slick styles. We have 3 different versions of the pompadour or side part pomp with a skin fade shot from different angles. Very cool. Thank you Brian! Haircut #1 Pompadour / Side Part PompThe Cut - Pompadour, Side Part Pomp with a very low skin fade and heavy weight line ("scumbag boogie" as they call it in ... Get the hairstyle!


Beard Grooming Plus Fresh Cuts By Barber Brian Burt

Looking for a cool haircuts to go with your beard?Take a look at these cool haircuts by Barber Brian Burt that work perfectly with a beard. Haircut + Beard #1The Cut - Pompadour or Side Part Pomp, Shadow Fade, with a round neck line.Suitable Hair Type - Most any hair type will work with this haircut. Hair needs at least 4 inches in front section to gain height.The Style ... Get the hairstyle!


Trendy Men’s Hairstyles for 2015: Ryan Gosling

The seventies came back during the nineties so we're right on schedule for the return of the nineties. Not all the 20+ year old trends are as questionable as pleated high-waisted jeans, fanny packs, and Hypercolor. While some 90s like the center part and mushroom cut hairstyles are don'ts, there were also some do's. The always fashion forward Ryan Gosling is wearing one of the trendy men's ... Get the hairstyle!

andrew does hair hairdresser hairstylist

Introducing Hairdresser Andrew Kozak

We are very pleased to introduce the talented hairdresser from California, Andrew Kozak.Andrew is passionate about helping men to deeply understand their hair, how it is unique to each individual, and how to style accordingly. Andrew believes that the more information the client is equipped with about their hair, and the styling options, the better. To share helpful insights and the experience ... Get the hairstyle!


Barber Brian Burt: Before and After

If you've ever concerned about spending money on beer instead of a haircut, think again. Check out these before and pictures that demonstrate the radical transformation a great cut and fresh style can make. All barbering and images are from the man, Barber Brian Burt. 1. Curly to CoolThe Cut - Regular mens haircut, pushed straight back.Suitable Hair Type - Fine, silky, thinner ... Get the hairstyle!

Richard Pier Petit

9 Different Hairstyles for Asian Men – Satoshi Toda

Thick, coarse and straight hair has it's challenges. On the one hand, this hair type can have a mind of it's own. On the other hand, with a full head of thick hair, you can get creative. Check out these pictures for 9 different hairstyles for Asian men seen on Tokyo-born model Satoshi Toda. This clean cut, retro-inspired look is a hot style for 2015. It's got a side part, matte ... Get the hairstyle!


Introducing Barber Brian Burt

Introducing Barber Brian Burt, a San Diego-based barber who teaches his craft around the world. Check out this interview with Brian about his journey to the barbering profession, where he sees men's hair going, and how to recreate that fresh from the barber look at home.Plenty of pictures of his excellent work are to come. Until then, check out his videos for a view of barbershop life and ... Get the hairstyle!


7 Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair

Even if short hair isn't exactly a men's hair trend, it is and will likely always be the most popular style for guys. Short haircuts are quick, easy, look great, and work for every hair type, especially ultra thick or curly hair. Check out these pictures for 7 cool ways to wear men's hairstyles for short hair. The crew cut may be military-inspired but that doesn't mean it lacks ... Get the hairstyle!


Colored Beard Styles: Green for St. Patrick’s Day

When wearing green isn't enough Irish pride and drinking green beer is too much, temporary hair color could be the answer. Even better, color your hair and beard for maximum impact.To get the look, find the spray on hair color that is everywhere around Halloween and usually available at the drugstore. Get a friend to help with the back of the head. The can should be held 12-18" away from ... Get the hairstyle!


New Hairstyles 2015

While novel hairstyles for men are not being introduced every year, the trends do change and evolve. The last few years have been dominated by retro styles like slick hair, the combover, and undercut. Check out these new hairstyles for 2015 are variations of those looks with some added edge. While haircuts aren't radically different from last year, styles are. The great thing ... Get the hairstyle!

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Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

For some guys, short hair is too short and long hair is too long but medium hair is just right. There was a time that chin length locks was an expression of rebellion and that is somewhat true today. That extra length adds a touch of cool to your style without increasing styling time.Check out these pictures for cool ways to wear medium length men's hairstyles that work for straight to wavy ... Get the hairstyle!

Grayson Wilder for Male Model Scene

3 Beard Types

One of the most biggest men's hair trends isn't for the top of the head. Beards of all shapes and sizes are still wildly popular in 2015 and for good ... Get the hairstyle!