Should I get a hard part haircut?


 Lately the side part trend is going a step further. The hard part is a shaved line in the scalp for an ultra-defined look. The shaved part provides a striking contrast that works well with undercuts, fades, spikes, and combovers.For those of you looking up, "hard part haircut how to," leave this to the professionals! A DIY operation ... Get the hairstyle!

Different Hairstyles for Men: Celebrity Edition


 Sometimes you're looking for the latest men's hairstyles trends and sometimes you're looking for something off the radar. One of the ways to get a unique look is a messy style and let your hair do it's thing. Check out these celebrity pictures for 3 different hairstyles for men.Of all the male celebrities, Zac Efron is up there ... Get the hairstyle!

Trendy Hairstyles for Men with Shaved Sides


 One of the top men's hairstyles for 2014 is the undercut. You saw many iterations during the World Cup and here are some more. Check out these pictures for more trendy hairstyles for men with shaved sides.Slick hair and the undercut is an attractive and easy to style combination. It looks dapper at work and as we've seen with ... Get the hairstyle!

Top 10 Best Barber Shops in Los Angeles


Whether you're a newcomer, visitor, or Los Angeles native, you want to be looking your best. Here are the best barber shops in Los Angeles based on the number, ranking, and content of Yelp reviews. We're not counting down from highest to lowest because all these shops are all top notch and very different in character so keep reading to find the ... Get the hairstyle!

Best Hairstyles for Round Faces for Men


 Choosing the best haircut isn't just about scoping out latest trends and picking your favorite. In addition to being on the forefront of fashion, barbers and stylists personalize every cut to work with your hair type and flatter your face shape. Some faces are longer, wider, more angular, and rounder and there's a cut to suit every one of ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair 2014


 Many of the hairstyle trends for men 2014 are modern updates of retro hairstyles and use waxes and pomades to sculpt hair into place. These styles tame wavy hair but if you want to let that natural texture do it's thing.This cut balances this year's hottest trends with letting wave out. Check out this pictures for one of the easiest ... Get the hairstyle!

How to Style Fine Hair for Men


 Like all hair types, fine hair has it's unique set of challenges. The individual strands of fine hair are smaller in diameter than hair regular or thick hair. Fine does not mean thin, which refers to the density of hair on the scalp. Fine hair can be thin but it can also be thick. The finer texture of this hair type means that hair tends ... Get the hairstyle!

The Latest Men’s Style: Flower Beards


 When Stuff on my Cat isn't enough, how about things in the beard. Willitbeard has been decking his beard out in a wide range of accessories including but not limited to toothpicks, Peeps, legos, and lit sparklers. The effect has been smoldering, sticky, and enviable but nothing has made such an impact as the flower beard.The male ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Best Barber Shops in Chicago


 If you're looking for the best barber shops in Chicago, here are our top 5 picks (plus one honorable mention) based on Yelp reviews. All these places have expert barbers to give you the freshest cuts and closest shaves. These are the most popular joints in the Windy City so make an appointment if you can or otherwise enjoy the ... Get the hairstyle!

1950s Hairstyles for Men


 Long before the fictional Don Draper hit the scene, there were plenty of retro style icons.  The 1950s was a transformative time with the emergence or rock and roll, popularity of jazz, and Golden Age of Television (and before smoking was bad for you). Today we still look to 50s stars James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Cary Grant for ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Cool Men’s Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2014


 Thick hair can be a lot to tame but looking at the glass half full, it's a lot to work with too. With a full head of hair, the world of men's haircuts is your proverbial oyster. If you're looking to do something different for 2014, check out these pictures of 3 cool men's hairstyles for thick hair.To get the slick styles that have ... Get the hairstyle!

Summer Hairstyles for Men 2014: Celebrity Styles


 The temperatures are rising and sometimes that means hairstyles are melting down. While getting out the shorts, tank tops, and summer shoes, it makes sense to change your hairstyle too. Summertime is active, whether you're hitting the beach, trails, or festivals.That means summer hairstyles should be cool, easy to style, and stand up ... Get the hairstyle!

How to Grow a Long Beard


 Beards are one of the must have accessories for men in 2014. If you already have one, maybe you're ready to move from short beard to epic beard status. Here's how to grow a long beard and trim it too.Growing a long beard is pretty simple. One. Grow facial hair. Two. Take care of it.  How long will growing a beard take? It depends. ... Get the hairstyle!

The Top Men’s Hairstyles for 2014


 Spring is here and that means no more winter hats to cover up and mess up here. Get a fresh, clean update for the warmer weather with one of these top men's hairstyles of 2014! These are the most popular styles, hottest cuts, and best looks this season.1. The UndercutWe can't stop talking about the undercut and here's why. It ... Get the hairstyle!

New Hairstyles for Men 2014


 Looking for new hairstyles for men 2014? Here's a cool look that combines vintage styling and a modern update. Like they say, it's all in the details. Now check out this unique look.At first glance, this appears to be a James Dean, Morrisey, or Johnny Cash-inspired pompadour. Ample height and tons of shine aren't the only ... Get the hairstyle!