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Introducing Barber Brian Burt


Introducing Barber Brian Burt, a San Diego-based barber who teaches his craft around the world. Check out this interview with Brian about his journey to the barbering profession, where he sees men's hair going, and how to recreate that fresh from the barber look at home.Plenty of pictures of his excellent work are to come. Until then, check out his videos for a view of ... Get the hairstyle!

7 Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair


Even if short hair isn't exactly a men's hair trend, it is and will likely always be the most popular style for guys. Short haircuts are quick, easy, look great, and work for every hair type, especially ultra thick or curly hair. Check out these pictures for 7 cool ways to wear men's hairstyles for short hair. The crew cut may be military-inspired but that ... Get the hairstyle!

Colored Beard Styles: Green for St. Patrick’s Day


When wearing green isn't enough Irish pride and drinking green beer is too much, temporary hair color could be the answer. Even better, color your hair and beard for maximum impact.To get the look, find the spray on hair color that is everywhere around Halloween and usually available at the drugstore. Get a friend to help with the back of the head. The can should be ... Get the hairstyle!

New Hairstyles 2015


While novel hairstyles for men are not being introduced every year, the trends do change and evolve. The last few years have been dominated by retro styles like slick hair, the combover, and undercut. Check out these new hairstyles for 2015 are variations of those looks with some added edge. While haircuts aren't radically different from last year, styles are. ... Get the hairstyle!

Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

DNA Models

For some guys, short hair is too short and long hair is too long but medium hair is just right. There was a time that chin length locks was an expression of rebellion and that is somewhat true today. That extra length adds a touch of cool to your style without increasing styling time.Check out these pictures for cool ways to wear medium length men's hairstyles that work for ... Get the hairstyle!

Types Of Men’s Haircuts: The Taper Fade


How to talk to your barber is one of the most common question we get. Even though you don't need to know all the types of men's haircuts, it can help to know some of the terminology. The best method of communication is a picture so if you're browsing Instagram for a fresh cut, look for a #fade.The taper fade is one of the hottest shaved hairstyles of the year for every guy. ... Get the hairstyle!

Jared Leto’s Haircut 2015


We've discussed his long locks, man bun, and ombre waves, and the biggest news yet is Jared Leto's haircut in 2015. Last seen at the Oscar's, in a few days Leto's signature hair went from long to short and dark to light. Here's the transition from the man himself, via his Instagram.Vanity Fair dedicated a eulogy to Jared Leto's ombre hair (2012-2015). The long hair ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Beard Types

Grayson Wilder for Male Model Scene

One of the most biggest men's hair trends isn't for the top of the head. Beards of all shapes and sizes are still wildly popular in 2015 and for good reason. Not only do they look great, but they cut down on your grooming time especially if you're a 2 o'clock shadow kind of guy.Check out these pictures for 3 beard types to try. Model Lasse Larsen pairs an ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Men’s Curly Hairstyles plus Andy Samberg and Jamie Dornan


Need a new look for your curls? Check out these pictures for 10 men's curly hairstyles. There are cool cuts from celebrities and models, long and short styles, plus trends like the undercut and slicked back hair. They are all easy to style and look great at work and play. As always, a quick and easy to style look means going short. Andy Samberg's stylish ... Get the hairstyle!