Undercut Tattoo


Hair designs are one way to add intrigue to an undercut. Conversely, an undercut is a trendy hairstyle to reveal head tattoos with style. Check out these undercut tattoo pictures for one way to get the look. The shaved sides of an undercut can reveal so much more than ultra short hair or skin. It's a cool way to show off scalp ink that artfully interacts with the ... Get the hairstyle!

Beard Styles 2014-2015


Beards look good and are comfortable to wear year round but seem especially appropriate for chilly, windy fall and winter weather. If you haven't already, grow your beard even longer. Check out these pictures of beard styles 2014-2015 for different ways to get the look plus cool hairstyles to match.   In addition to getting colder, it's the time of year that ... Get the hairstyle!

15 Cool Men’s Hairstyles


Check out these 15 pictures of cool hairstyles for men!   We've got all the hottest looks, from slick hair to spikes to the pompadour. If you've got thick hair or wavy hair, we've got you covered too. Just use the right product for your hair type, a strong hold wax like  Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech or Sebastian Microweb Fiber. ... Get the hairstyle!

7 Cool Black Men Hairstyles

Model: Joshua Alexander Harris

Looking for a fresh cut? Check out these cool black men hairstyles pictures for the latest looks in order from shortest to longest. With lineups, undercuts, and fades, all these cuts are inspired by the hot barbering trend of 2014 that will still be going strong next year.   The straight edges of line up hair give a clean cut and polished finish to a buzz cut. ... Get the hairstyle!

Best Barber Shops – Las Vegas Strip and Downtown


Whether you're hitting Vegas for a bachelor party, wedding, or just to party, you want to look good. If your run out of time before your flight leaves, there are plenty of barber shops to get a hot new cut or fresh shave along the Strip and downtown. It's worth it to venture just off the Strip for a better deal and outstanding experience. While there are plenty more excellent ... Get the hairstyle!

7 Short Haircuts for Men

Image: Male Celeb Bio Model: Sebastian Lund

Short men's hairstyles are popular because are quick and easy to wash and style. Low maintenance hair and having style are not mutually exclusive. Check out these pictures of short haircuts for men where fashion meets function, combining 2014 trends and cropped locks.   One of the top men's hairstyle trends of 2014, the undercut, can be combined with any ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Hairstyles for Men


There is one defining feature of cool hairstyles for men and that's attitude. Think about Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, and Elvis. They are all known for very different hairstyles but they have one thing in common - the confidence to pull off any look. Hairstyle choices are not the latest trend because they are the trendsetters. Here are a few ways to incorporate that bad boy ... Get the hairstyle!

Part 4: Men’s Grooming and Beards Tips


Men's grooming is a polite way of talking about cleansing, hair removal, and managing facial hair. While your body requires grooming from head to toe, this is about facial hair, shaving, and skin care. Follow these simple men's grooming tips and you'll know you look good. That combination of grooming and confidence will make you unstoppable in anything you do. Whether you ... Get the hairstyle!

New Haircut Styles for Men 2014-2015


Thanks to creative barbers everywhere, there are always new haircut styles for men. The undercut and taper fade are among the top hairstyles of 2014 and will still be going strong in 2015. This crispy cut that transforms those classic barbering styles into a simple yet unique hair design.   All it takes to get this different hairstyle for men is a change of ... Get the hairstyle!

Men’s Hair Trends 2014: Texture


While slick hair has dominated his year, not all men's hair trends 2014 require having every hair in place. These cool spiked styles are all about adding not only volume but texture to hair for a groomed yet slightly messy look. Check out these pictures to see how it's done for thick, fine, and wavy hair. Cypriot-born, famous in the UK singer, television personality, and ... Get the hairstyle!