21 Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

Most men’s haircuts are a variation of short back and sides, longer on top. These cool haircuts feature medium length hair on top for a wide range of cuts and styles. We’ve got volume, texture, waves and more. Check out … Read more

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How to Wear the Flow Haircut

The movement and flow trend is now just called flow or the flow haircut. This fluid style started as the hockey haircut and got an update. Now it’s bro flow. This cool look is all about medium length or longer … Read more

The 11 Best Hair Creams for Men

Hair cream covers a range of hair products for men. It sounds retro but the best hair creams are easy to use, look natural, and work for all hair types. Styling creams are an excellent way to start using hair … Read more

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The Best Men’s Haircuts For 2020

Another year of spectacular creativity brought forth a plethora of killer men’s haircuts. This is our roundup of the best men’s haircuts and hairstyles created by the best barbers around the world. In this post we get you all caught … Read more

The Best Hair Clay For Men

Hair clay is a type of pomade that adds texture and flexible hold with no shine. Clay pomades work for all hair types up to medium length hair. This type of product is especially good for active men or greasy … Read more

The Best 5 Pomades For Thin Hair

Not everyone is born with thick, lustrous hair but you can fake it. The best pomades for thin hair help hair appear fuller, textured, and more voluminous. First let’s start with what thin hair is. Thin hair refers to density, … Read more

33 Cool Men’s Haircut Ideas For 2020

We are seeing some of the usual men’s hair trends while adding some hot new looks. There is a wider range of cuts and styles to choose from than ever before so enjoy these men’s haircut ideas. Popular styles this … Read more

The Best Hair Wax for Men

There are a lot of men’s hair products to choose from right now. So many that it can get overwhelming to find the right one. We can help. Check out our ultimate hair guide for men to get up to … Read more

7 Curly Hair Fade Haircuts

Keep those sides tight with a fade haircut. The curly hair fade eliminates unwanted volume and makes the hair on top easier to style at every length. If that’s not enough to convince you to try this men’s haircut, it’s … Read more

Balding: The Signs + How To Prevent Baldness

Hair loss and balding affect most men and can start at any age. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about balding, including how to prevent it, how to know if it’s happening to you, and how … Read more

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21 Stylish Side Part Haircuts

Whether you want a classic or modern look, side part haircuts are a flattering choice. This versatile style can be as clean cut or bold as you like. If you’re looking for an easy to style haircut for men, try … Read more

17+ Cool Flat Top Haircuts

The flat top refers to two types of haircuts, the short flat top and longer hi-top fade. Famous examples of the former is Rocky 4’s Ivan Drago and Kid from Kid ‘n Play. This angular cut always stands out from … Read more

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50+ Best Short Haircuts For Men To Get Right Now

Short haircuts are the go-to for most guys. There is just something satisfying about leaving the barber with a clean and fresh look. This is our Summer 2020 update that features all-new super cool men’s short haircuts. Short haircuts for … Read more

22 Fresh Crew Cut Haircuts

Many people think of the crew cut as a military hairstyle but that’s not all. Here’s everything you need to know about crew cut haircuts plus classic and modern ways to get the look. What Is A Crew Cut? The … Read more

31 New Men’s Hairstyles

Men’s hairstyle trends change slowly until new trends emerge. Slick backed hair became matte and messy, tapers are taking on fades, and the European hair trends have brought textured styling to all kinds of looks. This year has seen quite … Read more

Cool Men’s Haircuts For Short Hair

Short hair can be as stylish as it is convenient. From a shaved buzz to longer on top cut that can be styled, here are some of the best cool men’s haircuts for short hair. It’s easy to add this … Read more

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70+ Amazing Pompadour Haircuts

The pompadour haircut is a constantly evolving look. Originally gaining popularity in the 1950s and 60s with country and rock and roll stars like Elvis Presley, the pompadour haircut has come back in a big way in recent years. Pompadours … Read more

20 Popular Haircuts For Men 2020

In honor of the new year, here are our upcoming style predictions. This collection of the 20 most popular haircuts for men and men’s hairstyles includes all the latest trends as we head into 2020. This selection of new haircuts and hairstyles … Read more

22 Super Fun Hipster Haircuts For Men

The most popular hipster haircuts for men build on old favorites with new trends. Most of these cuts have their roots in classic men’s hair but add modern finishes. Some of the most popular styles are side parts, slick backs, … Read more

Thinning Hair: Hair Loss Questions Answered

The appearance of thinning hair is alarming for men at any age, from 16 to 60. Here are all your thinning hair questions answered plus how to stop hair loss, how to make hair appear thicker, and the best products … Read more

20 Cool Haircuts To Try

To be considered cool, men’s haircuts have to look good and make you look good. From short crops to hair spikes and modern pompadours, these cool haircuts are popular and flattering. For some guys, looking cool is about being trendy … Read more

30 Fringe Haircuts That Are Cool And Edgy

Trends tend to go from one extreme to another. First skinny jeans replaced baggy pants. Now work-inspired straight leg cuts and retro relaxed fits are gaining popularity. For men’s hair, slicked back classic haircuts are giving way to their opposite, … Read more

Beard Styles For Black Men

Before choosing a beard style, start with what you can grow. Every man’s facial hair comes in differently. Some guys are blessed with full hair all over while most men tend to have some thinner areas at the mustache, temples, … Read more

20+ Cool Haircuts For Men (2020 Looks)

These cool haircuts for men range from the hot trends to modern classics. Here are looks that work for every hair type from thinning to thick, straight to curly, and short to medium length. The textured crop aka crop fade … Read more

35+ Best Men’s Hairstyles For 2020

We are heading quickly into 2020. So, what are the best men’s hairstyles to get right now? These are our top picks that are super cool and totally hot for Fall/Winter 2020. These men’s hairstyles include the most popular haircuts, … Read more

10+ Temp Fade Haircuts: Totally Stylish

The temp fade, also known as the temple fade, is a quick fade at the temple. It usually includes the sideburns but the faded area can be smaller or larger. Like other fade haircuts, the temple fade can be added … Read more

10 Hard Part Haircuts

A hard part haircut cuts a part into hair with clippers. Also known as a shaved part, razor part, or line in haircut, this is an easy way to set your haircut, and self, apart from the crowd. While many hard parts are … Read more

Cool Men’s Haircuts With Beards

There are lots of ways to ways to balance men’s hair with facial hair. Balance isn’t always the goal either. While a hairstyle can reflect a beard style, contrasting styles work too. The key to making haircuts for men with … Read more

Beard Straighteners

A beard straightener is the fastest and easiest way to tame wild facial hair. When blow-drying with a brush, using a flat iron, or testing the strength of beard balms don’t work anymore, try one of these beard straighteners. A … Read more

The Best Beard Brush

If you only do one thing to take care of your beard, it should be brushing. Using a beard brush can do the same thing as a beard shampoo, beard oil, beard balm, and even a beard straightener, but to … Read more