Faux Hawk

Cool Haircuts For Men: The New Faux Hawk


One of the enduring men's hairstyles is the faux hawk. It's flattering for most face shapes, including round, and easy to style. Check out these pictures for one of the cool haircuts for men that works for the faux hawk and more.The faux hawk cut and style is popular for guys with thick coarse hair because it tames unruly hair. This layered haircut reduces the weight of thick hair, making … [Read more...]

7 New Men’s Hairstyles For Thick Hair


When thick hair becomes too much of a good thing, it's time for a fresh cut. You can go shorter to cut down on grooming time or wear hair longer for more styling options. Check out these pictures for 7 new men's hairstyles for thick hair to try in 2015. The undercut has been thoroughly embrace by guys with thick hair.  This cool trend also makes hair easy … [Read more...]

Soccer Hairstyles: The Best of the World Cup 2014

Olivier Geroud NonStop People

From David Beckham's always changing hair to Zinedine Zidane's signature shaved dome, soccer players are known for their bold and unique hairstyles (and that's not to mention Pavel Nedved, Kevin Keegan, and Andrés Guardado). The tradition continues in the 2014 World Cup with a range of fashion forward and stylish looks that look great and perform on and off the field. Check out this gallery for … [Read more...]

How to Style a Mohawk


The ultimate statement hairstyle for men is the mohawk. The ancient look has not only been worn by the Mohicans in North America but warriors in Ireland, Libya, and the Ukraine. It has since been adopted by soldiers, punks, and rebels everywhere.The mohawk starts with the haircut - shaved sides with a strip down the center of the scalp. How thick or long that hair is is up to you - the more … [Read more...]

Mens Wedding Hairstyles


Unlike the bride, mens wedding hairstyles can be chosen at the last minute and styled yourself. All that’s really required is a clean cut look, if that’s your style, and fresh shave, if that’s your style too.This wedding hair for men adds some modern spikes to a short haircut for a look that’s fun yet conservative. Hair has been recently cut short and is spiked up along the center of the … [Read more...]

Cool Hairstyles for Grey Hair – Men


Grey hair on men gives a distinguished and powerful air. Rather than matching it with a conservative look, add juxtaposition to the mix with cool hairstyles for grey hair - men. This faux hawk adds a modern and edgy touch to grey hair. The icy blues of the suit, tie and jacket play up the tones of the hair. This look combines the best of both worlds - modern trends and sophisticated … [Read more...]

Short Mohawk


A mohawk worn with a beard isn't just for Mr. T anymore! Don't pity the fool for wearing a mohawk hairstyle - just update the look for the 21st century. David Beckham and Glee's Puck Puckerman brought the look into the mainstream. Whether it's worn spiked up or cut extra wide, the short mohawk is a bold masculine look that exudes confidence.Skipping the shaved sides makes this short mohawk … [Read more...]

Short Faux Hawk


The faux hawk works for short hairstyles for men too. This short faux hawk is a simplified version of the look, with just the hair at the middle of the top forming the distinctive mohawk peak. The key to the look using product that isn't visible or greasy.  The rest of close cropped hair is worn gladiator style, down the forehead. Sideburns, as always, are optional.  … [Read more...]

Messy Faux Hawk


Combine bedhead and a faux hawk to get this messy faux hawk. This rocker chic look needs medium length hair at the front to achieve maxim height and messiness.  To get the look, rub a strong hold product like wax, pomade, or gel through hair. Starting at the back, comb hair forward and then up  at various angles. Use fingers to finish.  … [Read more...]

Faux Hawk – Side View


The faux hawk is a hairstyle, not a hair cut. It works with any hair that is cut short at the sides and back and longer at the top. As you can see from the faux hawk side view, form the mohawk by pulling the top into a tapered point along the center of the scalp. The front can also be spiked up or fall down over the forehead. Another way to wear this look is with hair pointing forward over the … [Read more...]