25+ Short Haircuts For Men + Guys

Everyone loves a fresh short haircut. Getting a fresh cut is perhaps the easiest way to feel like a brand new man. Check out this awesome gallery of the best short haircuts for men and guys that we are seeing emerge from the best barbershops around the world.

You will find a wide variety of cool short haircuts for guys and fade haircuts that are great for all hair types.

Whether you have thick hair, fine or thin hair, natural curls or curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair there is definitely a brand new look for you below.

Scroll on down and find that cool new haircut that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Stay fresh, stay cool. Totally awesome.

Ultra Short Crop Haircut + High Fade

very short crop haircut with high skin fade

By oldandnewtownbarbershop.cz

One of my favourite crop haircuts I have seen this year. I like how it has been trimmed short and close to the hairline. Looks great with the disconnected beard.

Classic Short Haircut For Men

classic short haircut for guys with mid fade

By russ_thebarber

Your timeless classic short men’s haircut styled back. Simple yet spectacular. Super clean cut. Nice job Russ.

Choppy / Spiky Textured Crop Haircut

crop haircut short hairstyle for men

By Agus De Asis

Cool asymmetrical cropped fringe. I like it. Soft textures on top blended perfectly into a the high fade.

Short Textured Haircut

short textured haircut for men

By jeremywexlerhair

A great looking textured short haircut for guys. Cut to perfection.

Short Quiff Haircut + High Fade

short textured quiff haircut

By Antonio Mateo

A cool looking quiff haircut for guys. A low bald fade puts the focus on the textured hair on top.

High Fade + Crop Haircut For Curly or Wavy Hair

cool short haircuts for men crop haircut

By Wes Staucet

Just because you have curly or wavy hair doesn’t mean you can’t get a great haircut. Any skilled barber or hairdresser can tame what you might think is wild and out of control. Here we have curly hair cut short into a crop.

Short Spiky Haircut + Temple Fade

cool short spiky mens haircut temple fade

By criztofferson

A slick looking choppy spiky short haircut with a super clean temple fade and line up in the front.

High Fade + Waves

waves and high fade haircut

By squeakprobarber

Waves and a clean as it gets high skin fade. Squeak is a master.

Ultra Short Classic Crop Haircut

super short crop haircut low fade

By rafaxhair

Super clean work. A picture perfect classic men’s short crop haircut.

Short Textured Undercut + Slash Designs

short textured haircut for men

By aleb_barber

Super cool claw slashes in this high fade short undercut. This is a great easy to manage short haircut for guys.

Bald Fade + Natural Curls

jakes_barber_shop short haircut for curly hair men

By jakes_barber_shop 

Super clean transition from a low bald drop fade into the natural curls on top.

Short Textured Quiff Haircut For Men

modern classic short haircut for men

By Wes Staucet

Wes is putting out some of the cleanest fades around the globe. A beautifully sculpted short quiff haircut.

Short Crop Haircut For Wavy Hair

short crop haircut for men low fade

By juliuscaesar

Another great example of a shorter crop haircut. Totally a fan of the fringe being trimmed close to the hairline. The crops we saw emerging a couple years ago were a bit too much like your classic little boy haircuts. These days they are getting messy and edgy.

Spiky Textured Quiff + Drop Fade + Disconnected Beard

cool short haircut for guys with thick hair drop fade

By criztofferson

Another beauty by criztofferson. This cut can be styled as in the photo or as a side part comb over look. A super versatile short haircut.

Short Haircut For Thick Hair + Mid Fade

mens short haircut for thick wavy hair

By ychromebarbering

A classic men’s short haircut that is perfect for thick, curly or wavy hair. Well done Y-Chrome.

Natural Looking Short Haircut For Thick Hair

mens haircut short for thick hair

By andrewdoeshair

A very neat looking textured haircut for a guy that has thicker hair. No fade on the sides here. All scissor work.

Textured Crop + High Skin Fade

textured haircut

By paul_barbercode

High fade contrast with short very textured hair on top. Can be worn neatly styled like this or on the messy side.

Short Textured Quiff Haircut + Low Bald Fade

short mens haircut

By hudson.hair

Half quiff half crop. Very nice. Lots of styling options with this haircut. Bald fade puts the focus on top. A great haircut for fine hair.

Quiff Haircut For Fine Hair + High Fade

short quiff haircut

By russ_thebarber

This is a great haircut if you have fine or thin hair. The high fade accentuates the hair on top.

Classic Comb Over Side Part Haircut

side part haircut

By Ulises Rodriguez

A nicely tapered haircut on the sides with shorter hair on top styled into a classic side part comb over.

Short Haircut + Neck Design

short haircut with neck design

By juliuscaesar

A nice temple fade super short haircut with a cool neck design created by one of the masters Julius Caesar.

Ultra Short Crop Haircut + High Bald Fade

ultra short crop haircut high fade

By Ulises Rodriguez

Super clean and super cool with a disconnected beard.

Cool Textured Swirl Haircut

cool short haircut for men

By barbermikethomas

Short textured hair is styled into a swirl. A very cool effect.

Very Short Taper Fade Haircut

taper fade haircut

By Pat Regan

A perfect taper haircut by one of the masters at cutting classic short men’s haircuts.

Classic Men’s Haircut + High Bald Fade

classic super short haircut for men

By electricbarbering

We are going to end with a beauty. Love this super short classic men’s haircut with disconnected nicely trimmed beard. This haircut is going to look good on any man. Great work by Electric Barbering.

So there you have it, a round-up of the best short haircuts for men we have seen out there.

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