Short Hairstyles for Men 2018

The new year will bring more creativity and style to men’s hair than ever before. Classic looks are still popular but there are also plenty of fresh new looks to try.

These short hairstyles for men strike the balance between low maintenance and high style. Short hair is quick to dry and coif but looks great.

Some of the hot looks this year are all kinds of textured crops, with and without fringe. In a similar vein, spiky looks are back. Fade hairstyles are still here and can be simple or bold, short or long. If you like a conservative or classic look, there are shorter versions that cut down on styling time. Last but not least, check out some bold hair designs, colors and shapes.

These are 25 of the best up and coming short men’s hairstyles for 2018.

Textured Crops

1. Crop + Hair Tattoo

Josh O’meara-Patel

There is so much going on here but you can take what you like and leave the rest. On top, hair is cut and styled into the popular textured crop. A drop fade creates a canvas for a hair tattoo with multiple fades. Hair is also dyed a silvery platinum, which contrasts with dark hair at the back.

2. Spiky Crop

Gershwin’s Barber

A more mainstream version of this men’s hair trend combines forward fringe over the forehead, textured spikes at the crown and a high fade around the sides and back.

3. Heavy Crop for Thick Hair

Mekhruz Jalilov

Thick hair is left full and heavy on top while layering enhances texture. A drop fade creates a curved line that emphasizes how full hair is.

4. High Fade + Crop

Ross Mathieson

Another textured crop for thick hair, this version leaves more length on top while fading hair down to the skin up high. Hair is combed back from the front and forwards from the back for a cool tousled finish.

5. Short Crop + Blunt Bangs

Chris Jones

This cool crop features short and heavy bangs that are a longer version of the Marine jarhead cut. Short hair is styled into textured spikes further back on the head.


6. Messy Spikes

Ruben Cisneros

A modern version of classic spikes, this fresh style features tousled texture on top and mid drop fade around the back.

7. Short Textured Crop

Travis Hill

The current way to wear is spiky hair is more about adding texture than creating vertical spikes. This ultra short version is so easy to style. Rub pomade between palms, work it through hair and pinch small sections of hair together.

8. Spiky Sections

Jamie Stuart

Instead of individual spikes, this cool look pulls hair up in broad sections for a wave-like effect that complements the hint of curled bangs.

9. Thick Spiky Hair

Alan Kidcam

Another popular way to wear spikes for 2018 is in these thick spikes on a diagonal. Finish with a straight up quiff at the front.

10. Messy Spikes

Michael Kelley

Another cool way to style a crop, this version has plenty of messy texture on top. A small section of hair is styled down into a curl over the forehead for a cool asymmetrical finish.

Short + Classic

11. Short Pomp

Guy Jarrett

This cool short hairstyle for men achieves that popular pomp silhouette with less than two inches of length. It’s a great option for boosting fullness in fine hair.

12. Short Sweep Back for Thick Hair

Travis Hill

This cut and style lightens up thick hair while keeping the appearance fullness. Hair is combed back and kept in place with a matte product for a dry finish. This sweep back has the look of longer hair without the length.

13. Comb Over Fade

Lxve Studios

Ryan Terry, fitness icon and men’s physique champion, needs hair that works as hard as he does. This short cut with a high fade is styled over to one side with plenty of height. It looks great at the gym and around town.

14. Short Men’s Haircut for Thick Hair

Zeke the Barber

Thick hair that tends to stick straight up is one of the more challenging hair types. The key is working with your hair type. This short cut and style does just that. Hair does stick up and it looks great. A touch of texture at the sides and a low bald fade complete the look.

Very Short Haircuts

15. Ultra Short Spikes

Travis Hill

Going really short can be still have plenty of style. This long buzz with a high fade has enough length to be styled but looks great with no effort too.

16. Buzz + Fade + Line Up

Caleb Porter

This combination of a buzz cut, line up and fade is one of the most popular short haircuts for black men because it looks great with no styling. Just keep it up with regular visits to the barber.

17. Short Textured Crop


This very short version of the trendy crop has enough length to achieve texture but not much more.

18. Mohawk Haircut

Andy Authentic

The mohawk silhouette is popular again. It looks great worn long or short, like above. A fine shaved part adds to the look.

Fade Haircuts

19. High Fade Haircut

Ivan Rodríguez

This high fade haircut shaves hair up to the temple and drops down below the crown. Hair on top is styled into a soft flat top.

20. Burst Fade Mohawk

Travis Hill

Here’s a longer curly mohawk. A burst fade at the sides creates that mohawk profile while a V-shaped neck adds a cool detail at the back.

21. Low Bald Fade

Jōvan Reyne Figueroa

Fades look great whether they are up high or down low. This low bald fade essentially raises the neckline and creates an ultra clean finish. Hair has a hint of length at the forehead and styled up into a quiff.

22. Side Burn + Neck Fade

Travis Hill

Quick fades at the side burns and neckline are a fresh finish for this short curls and are also popular with taper haircuts.

Wild Styles

23. V-Cut Neck

Johnny Snips

Stylized necklines are blowing up in 2018 and pushing the limits of creativity. If you’re not ready for all that, this V-shaped neck adds an unexpected shape.

24. Modern Spiky Hair + Hair Design

Robert Braid

This bold look features something interesting all over. There is a splash of red, spikes in all directions and a hair tattoo behind the ear and into the hairline.

25. Messy Buzz Cut + Shaved Line

Mekhruz Jalilov

Simple designs can be as eye-catching as complex. A longish buzz is styled with some messy texture but the star of the show is a shaved line that cross from the temple into the eyebrow.